Tips to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home


As homeowners we will do pretty much anything to make our abodes appealing to us and our friends and neighbors. The front of our homes are especially important when trying to make a good impression in the neighborhood.

Or maybe you are trying to sell your home. If that’s the case then curb appeal is even more important. In today’s world where most homes are found on real estate websites, the photos you post online are what stands between you and the buyers you are looking for.

But you may be wondering, how can I kick it up a notch? How do I make the front of my home look it’s best?

We scoured the internet for ideas and found a few that stuck out to us. So here we go with some tips on adding curb appeal to your home.

Fill it with flora

Flowers make everything look better and your home is no different. There are so many different types of blossoms to choose from we suggest not going overboard. If you live on property that does not allow you to plant directly into the soil, or if your plantable land is already full but you want to add something more there are plenty of above ground planter ideas available.

For example, wheelbarrow planters are not only full of beautiful annuals and perennials, the planter will add curb appeal by adding a little bit of personality to your yard. You can find some awesome wheelbarrow planter ideas at this link while repurposing an antique if you so choose.

Start at the top

Your roof may be easy to overlook but the appearance of the top most structure on your home is actually quite important to curb appeal. Have you ever seen a home with a roof that looks a shambles? You don’t want this to be the impression you send out to the neighborhood, especially if you are trying to sell.

If your roof is missing shingles or discolored it may be time to investigate into makeovers. It seems so slight but a nice clean slate can make a world of difference.

Break out the brushes

Paint is an easy way to take your home’s exterior to a whole new level. Not only will the new coating of paint add a brighter look to your exterior, the cost should be minimal since a few gallons of paint should be inexpensive if you search around.

A red door or some blue shutters will do wonders to attract the eye of potential buyers.

Minimize your appearance

Is the front of your home full of stuff like toys, kiddies pools, or an old car? These are definitely going to bring down the appeal to your home. Time to pick up all the clutter and seriously focus on making the front portion of your work together.

A few nice chairs and a table along with a swing will show new buyers that this porch is a place I would like to spend time reading. The lawn is bright green and nicely trimmed with some hedges and a wheelbarrow full of foliage. Doesn’t this sound like a home you would want to buy?

Decorate with digits

The front house numbers at your place are more important than we might think they are. This is how people like the mailman and your friends and family find your home. So, if they are hidden or camouflaged into your front yard then this might be an area that needs work. You will be surprised how much affect a few new numbers have on the look of your place.

You can get some that are sleek and clean or others that are decorative and ornate. Either way, work with the exterior that you have been creating thus far and watch how your home stands out.


Say it in a letter

We don’t actually mean to write a letter, in fact, no one really writes letters anymore anyway. But we do get bills, cards, and other types of correspondence in the mail. So why have the mailman keep putting these items into your rusty mailbox that keeps falling off the side of you house?

A new mailbox, in the same manner as numbers, seems so small yet, when refreshed, can add a great deal of freshness to your home for very little cost to you.

Light it up

Exterior lights are another great way to add curb appeal to your home. There are many light fixtures that thrive on solar power, are easy to install, and won’t put a big dent in your wallet. Lighting up the walkway to your front door will make your exterior especially appealing at dusk and in the nighttime hours.

If you are interested in more inexpensive way to improve your home check out these other tips from

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