Tips for Selling Your House Quickly and Painlessly



You’ve been thinking about selling your house, but you have no idea where to start. Sure, there are real estate agents and the like, but what if you could sell your house yourself? This would save you money and make the process much easier than you could ever imagine. The leading state to state moving companies claims that they have worked with people who sold their property all by themselves and made huge profits in the process. 

These people not only were content with the results but also had more choices to buy a house in the new place with money saved from not paying any broker’s commission. 

In this guide on how to sell your house quickly and painlessly, we will go over six tips that will get you started in the right direction.

Price it Right

Selling your house is all about location, location, location. Price it too high and you’ll have a hard time attracting buyers. Price it too low and you might not get the profit that you need to make the sale worthwhile. Pricing your home just right will attract buyers who are willing to pay what you’re asking for, which means less hassle on both ends of the transaction. Keep the price that is not overly priced or poorly priced. Understand what are you bringing to the table and eventually place your price.

Clean it Up

Once you’ve decided to sell your house, one of the first things you should do is take care of any maintenance issues. Take a look around your home, and start with what you see as the most important repairs first. As a bonus, fixing these will also make your house more attractive to potential buyers.


Your to-be-sold house is still your property and you have to present it, at its best. The more attractive your house looks and the location that matters; the will place higher the bid for your house. You can look for the best mediator or a company that can assist you to sell your house


It is important to de-clutter before putting your house on the market so that potential buyers can see the home in its best light. Use as many of your closets as possible, get rid of any clutter, dust all surfaces to keep them looking clean, and remove any personal touches. This will help speed up the process when you are ready to sell.

Stage it Right

One key to selling your house quickly is staging it with furniture or other décor items to make it look appealing. Staging allows potential buyers to visualize themselves living in the space, which will make them more likely to want to buy it. Before you stage your home, ask yourself what style of home would be the most appealing to a potential buyer. With that in mind, choose furnishings, paints, window treatments, and other materials that appeal to that style. Make sure everything is neat before guests arrive!

Get People in the Door

The first way to get people in the door is to clean up your house. Fix any issues you can, including broken furniture or appliances, hanging pictures straight, and throw out anything that isn’t moving, like old clothes and knick-knacks. Not only will this make your house look more appealing but it will also make things easier when it comes time to move. Keep an eye on current housing trends, as well – you’ll be able to tailor your home decor around what’s popular in your area.

Have a realtor

If nothing goes right, consider taking professional help. A good realtor can help you figure out how to sell your house quickly and painlessly. Here are five questions to ask a potential realtor before you hire them:

1) Do they take my address as confidential?

2) What commission do they charge? 

3) How much experience do they have? 

4) What are their qualifications?

5) Do they work exclusively in my area? 

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of choices, it’s time to interview the candidates one-on-one. Ask each person the same set of questions, then pick the one who makes you feel most comfortable. Once, you get a lot of answers, you can easily come in contact with such a realtor and get your house on the nook.

Selling a house is a complicated job and if you are ready to take responsibility, well these tips are surely going to help you a lot.

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