Three Tips To Selling Your Property



                      Tip One – First Impression Of The Outside

To create a first good impression, spend a little time on the front of your house. The first thing the buyer is going to notice when they arrive at your property is the front door and windows. Make sure these are clean.

Remove any decorative items so the buyer can visualise their items rather than yours.

Make sure that if you have a front garden that the grass has been cut and any borders have been weeded. If your bins sit in the front garden then remove them if you can. Make sure the path has been swept and free from any rubbish or debris.

Once all done stand back and ask yourself is it good enough? If not spend a little more time on it. 

                          Tip Two – Inside Your Property

If you have the first impression right then you need to continue with the inside of the property. The goal is to make the property appealing to the buyer.

The first thing is to make sure the first area that the buyer will walk into is clutter free. Make sure that it is clean and remove dust from shelves and surfaces etc.

If you have lots of pictures on the walls and a lot of ornaments, you may want to remove some to give the property an illusion of space.

In the lounge by pushing the furniture back against walls will create more floor space. If there is furniture obstructing an entrance into your lounge then it is best to place it somewhere else and can always be moved back after the viewing has finished.

In the bedroom make sure you have made your bed. Make sure there is no clutter and that the room is clean and remove dust from shelves and surfaces etc. Make as much floor space as possible to give the illusion of space.


                          Tip Three – The Most Important Rooms

The kitchen is probably the most important room in the house. Make sure that the kitchen is clean and tidy and de- clutter if necessary, especially the worktops. Try to keep appliances to a minimum, such as the kettle and toaster, to create space. Make sure your appliances are clean and there are no dirty dishes in the sink or any laundry lying about, and the sink is clean.

The bathroom is another important room. Make sure it is cleaned and if you have a shower curtain or screen make sure you remove any lime scale that may be present. De-clutter and clean any shelves. If the bath has any marks or stains then scrub them to remove. Make sure the toilet is clean. If your bathroom has any condensation or mould, then make sure this is scrubbed.

Before a viewing open the window to allow fresh air to enter.


Presenting your property in a good condition will encourage better offers from potential buyers.

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