The six worst home selling mistakes to avoid

When it comes to trying to find a buyer for your home, everyone thinks they know the best thing to do. From friends and family to even work colleagues, it is impossible to mention selling your home without someone offering suggestions or advice. Even the Internet is full of tips to help sell your home.

What nobody tells you, though, is what not to do. From prices to taking things personally, here are the six worst home selling mistakes to avoid.

1. Not marketing your home

The worst thing you could possibly do when trying to sell your home is not market it. If you do not tell people that your home is for sale, how will anyone find out? Whether you choose a traditional estate agent in the high street, a more affordable online estate agency or sell your home directly through a property portal, spreading the word on the web (where the majority of buyers begin their search) is the first step to getting noticed. Once you have chosen one form of marketing, do not dismiss the others: advertising online but not informing buyers in the local area, for example, will only limit your options.

2. Not doing repairs

Would you buy a home that is falling apart? Not doing repairs on your property will only lead to a state of disrepair – and, unless you are holding out hope for a specific type of bargain hunter, will deter most buyers from looking at your property in the first place. Even neglecting simple repairs can cost you, though: something as everyday as a broken boiler or a blocked gutter, if noticed, can cause your home’s value to drop.

3. Over-pricing

Nobody likes to lose money on their home. The same is true of buyers: nobody wants to spend too much on something and leave themselves out of pocket. Over-pricing your home, then, is the fastest way not to sell your home. Forget what you paid years ago or what you think its worth: the number one thing that affects your home’s value is the current market. Do not rule out lowering your price target to be competitive.

4. Not negotiating

What do you do if someone offers you a lower sum than your asking price? Saying no outright will only prevent any transaction happening: be willing to negotiate, even if they offering a much cheaper amount, as they could be willing to pay more than their initial offer. After all, negotiation works both ways.

5. Not cleaning

Who wants to live in a pig sty? Pigs. And pigs cannot buy houses. Not cleaning your home will only let dirt spread – which, if left for a long time, will attract pests. Neither of those things are desirable for buyers. At the very least, your home should be neat and clean whenever you have a viewing scheduled.

6. Staying emotionally attached

If you are preparing to part ways with your old property, staying emotionally attached will only make the process harder. If you make it harder for buyers as well, though, they will be less likely to complete the purchase. When discussing prices, the property’s flaws or even the potential new owner’s plans for redecorating, taking things too personally could cause you to offend someone – or, worse, not listen to a lower offer than the one you were seeking.

Photo: C. VanHook Images

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