Smart Upgrades That Help Sell Your Home


If you’re trying to stand out from the crowd and sell your home, consider a few inexpensive upgrades that will help your house move quickly. Adding smart home technology and eco-friendly options will make the house seem modern and current. Choose upgrades that buyers will notice immediately to make a great first impression.  

Almost 25% of American households with broadband internet connections have at least one smart home device, like a door lock, doorbell, or thermostat. Smart home devices are slowly becoming mainstream, with a quarter of US broadband households reporting that they plan to buy a smart speaker or smart door lock next year.

Install a smart thermostat

Potential buyers will be impressed by the environmental impact and economics of a smart thermostat. It’s a fairly easy DIY project that’s not too expensive but is an impressive addition to a home on the market. Current popular models cost about $200, on average. The sophisticated devices can also provide detailed utility cost projections for potential buyers.

Smart thermostats are programmed to deliver comfort when you’re at home and save you energy and money when you’re not home. The benefit of a smart thermostat is the simplicity of use as compared to a menu on a wall-mounted unit.


Companion phone apps allow remote climate control and display energy consumption in real time. Demonstrating the fluctuating utility monitor to potential buyers allows them to pre-determine a utility budget as part of their purchase commitment. EPA’s Energy Star program reports the average smart thermostat can save up to $180/year on home heating and cooling HVAC costs.

Attractive and durable eco-friendly flooring

Expertly installed flooring in a durable material like natural stone, or attractive, sustainable wood can dramatically change the ambiance of a house on the market. An eco-friendly wood floor installation with a rustic texture is eye-catching and sturdy while remaining socially responsible.

Upgraded flooring made from renewable resources adds value to your home, but more importantly, sets it apart from similar homes on the market. The high-quality, biodegradable materials won’t need to be replaced for decades. There are many stylish and sustainable hardwood floor options that are a responsible and healthy way to enhance your home while minimizing indoor pollutants.

Install a voice-compatible sprinkler system

Houses with lush lawns and sprinkler systems typically sell for more than those without because a well-kept lawn indicates to buyers that the house is valuable. Add more curb appeal to your house and make a great first impression with a professional series voice-compatible automated sprinkler controls.


Attractive landscaping requires a substantial investment of time to maintain. Automatic sprinklers minimize the guesswork for maintaining a well-irrigated lawn, and the programming ease and attractiveness of smart home integration are attractive features.

Integrated water sensors can provide water conservation and cost savings as well as help you comply with water conservation laws. Sensors automatically turn the system off if there has been significant rainfall.

Green will make it go

When choosing to invest in upgrades for your home, it makes sense to concentrate on eco-friendly and high-tech updates with a wow factor. Studies show that buyers prefer homes with updated, modern amenities that comply with conservation efforts. Although they may seem at odds with one another, there are plenty of high-tech upgrades that will contribute to a healthy economic and environmental footprint for your house.

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