Safer Pest Control Methods Every Seller Should Use


When it comes to selling a home, a pest problem is one factor that prevents you from making a sale. Indeed, if you are a buyer, you just can’t settle for a house that’s suffering from a roach infestation, so you have to look elsewhere. From this alone, you are prompted as a seller to explore different methods of pest control.

Getting rid of bugs, rats, cockroaches and termites is important in improving the value of your home. What’s more, it allows you to pass a home inspection, securing a definite sale. But as much as you want your home to be purged of disease-carrying creatures, you also need to make sure that the methods you’re using are safe.

Pesticides and other chemically-based approaches to pest control can be highly dangerous to your health and the health of buyers. Since your responsibility as a seller is to ensure a healthy environment, it’s crucial to use safer alternatives.

Here are just some of the best non-toxic pest control strategies you should use.

Rat zappers

A rat infestation can bring a whole host of diseases to a home if it is left uncontrolled. Come to think of it, this kind of pest problem is usually the most difficult to handle since killing rats can leave a harmful stench around the house, not to mention spread diseases through the spilling of blood


For this reason, electric rat zappers work great for killing off rats without much bloodshed. All you have to do is charge the battery and set up the bait. What’s more, this method allows for easier carcass disposal compared to generic paper traps.

Coffee traps

For roaches, it’s safer to use non-toxic methods. Bug spray just won’t do since it the residue can stick to any surface, rendering enclosed spaces harmful to one’s health. There are natural and equally effective ways to kill off cockroaches.

You might want to try setting up a coffee trap. It’s easy to set up — you only need to fill up a jar with water. Add in coffee grounds and oil, and you have an effective pest control method that’s cheaper and safer than using commercial roach killers. You only need to place these traps in areas where roaches can access them,

Bio termite killers

Termites can ruin the structural integrity of the home you are selling. So instead of waiting for a termite colony to do substantial damage to your home, it’s best to act fast by applying safer approaches to termite control. For this, you can use biological means, such as cardboard traps.

This simple method involves soaking a piece of cardboard and leaving it to attract female termites. You can then burn the cardboard along with the termites. You can also use heated air to kill off termites in places that are hard to reach.

Acidic sprays

Along with termites, ants are also cumbersome pests. Nonetheless, they are easier to control than the other pests on this list. You can use citrus-based sprays or vinegar on entrances. You can also use a special non-toxic chalk to box in ants.

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