Real Estate Investment in Norway – Can I Sell My Home Easily in Norway?


Among other Nordic countries, Norway seems to be the richest. In fact, it is the top richest country across the world.

As an example, Oslo it’s been recognized as the top startup pivots, being one of the fastest growing cities across Europe. It is mostly because
Oslo keeps a friendly environment, stable government, and strong economy. Besides, Oslo has insanely fast and advanced technology.

Businesses opportunities in Norway has been produced from the three emerging industries, such as:

       ●       Cleantech industry

       ●       Renewable energy

       ●       The medical/biotechnology

Usually, clean energy, metals, and other materials have been viewing powerful advantages in Norway. Due to knowledge-based services, finance, and IT services, Norway has been creating robust and reputable industry clusters and surroundings.

Amongst the Scandinavian countries, in the North of Europe, we can see the beautiful Norway with its lengthy coastline, and plenty of business opportunities. It’s perhaps the safest port for international real estate investors, but for Norwegians as well.

What makes Norway real estate market such an appealing business destination?

Norway has a predictable and stable legal system, and steady economy. It is why the country is viewed as a safe point for doing business.

The Norwegian economy

Norway’s economy is very stable. The government income capitals huge amounts, up to 9 billion kroner. Norway has 5.3million people, which means 1.7 million kroner/person. Also, the unemployment rate is at low levels, meaning that the average salaries are high. Now it explains the strong economy. But Norway hasn’t been an exception to the worldwide crisis, but still, the economy has been less affected than other countries in Europe. It means that real estate investors have higher chances of high demand for properties. And with higher demand, real estate prices will also increase. If we compare it with other countries, the challenges in Norway real estate market can be measured low. Norway is an attractive shopping destination for tourists. So, even in retail, there are many chances to enjoy success.

Can you easily do business in Norway?

It is relatively easy to make business in Norway, as the system is well-developed, with clear legislative basis. It means that buying contracts as a foreigner seems easy due to the legislation and legal interpretation that controls many circumstances. Tax rates can change from time to time, but at the same time, new laws enter into power, with new clear and wiser decisions handed by the courts.

So, Norwegian real estate attorneys can concentrate on the needs of the investors, rather than focus on changes in the state, which by the way, aren’t very drastic ones. However, foreigners should take into consideration many aspects of duties and formalities. Delays and mishandling of VAT can have a negative economic impact on investments. Thus, foreigner investors might want to seek legal advice from an experienced lawyer about Norwegian real estate assets.

Advertising your home for sale

“How do I sell my home?” – it is perhaps the most complicated process for anyone in Norway, but not only. There’s a lot to consider when selling a house or an apartment.

First, before advertising your house, you must consider having a clear vision of how much your property is worth it. There are many factors that come into play, but with a great insight related to these factors, you can successfully estimate the value of your home.

These factors include operating costs, light input, garage access, etc. Things like this have a great impact on a home’s worth. Other than this, external factors, such as centers, schools, supermarkets, etc. These are important factors that can have a big impact on the home’s value.

Another great tip is to review the prices in the area you want to buy or sell the home. Also, the home value can change depending on when you want to sell it. Annually, the real estate market changes, so does the prices of houses and apartments. The best way to assess your home’s value for sale is to seek help from a real estate agent. Many real estate agents offer free evaluation of homes. So, if you want to get in touch with one, check the real estate agents throughout Norway, free of charge.

When should you sell your home?

Well, considering the fact that housing prices change with seasons, there is a possibility that these may be higher at the beginning of the year, then decrease during summer. The seasonal value depends on how many homes are for sale and how many homebuyers are interested in buying them. The more buyers and less houses for sale, the bigger the prices.

Generally, it doesn’t matter the year you choose to sell your home. Many people who decide to sell their homes buy one right after. Thus, it’s less important if you sell your buy a new home during a tough period of the year.

Tip 1: If you are selling a home with a big garden, make sure you sell it when the flowers are in bloom. It will significantly increase the price of the home, considering the beautiful overall view of the home. A big garden with nice flowers in full bloom can make a great impression to potential buyers.

Tip 2: On the other hand, if you are selling an apartment in the center of the city, it’s wise to advertise it before the start of new semesters in schools, when plenty of students come into the city.

Should you use a real estate agent?

Most people in Norway wonder if they should use a real estate agent or not. The short answer is yes. Indeed, you can save some money if you’re selling your home all by yourself, but with the help of a real estate agent in Norway, your chances of selling the home for the best possible price are higher than ever. Plus, the vast majority of house sales in Norway are made with the help of experienced real estate agents. Why not increase your chances of selling your home fast and easy?

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