How to stage your home for sale on a budget


Your home is most likely the largest expense or investment you will make in your life.

If you already own a house and are considering selling it in the near future, then you need to think about how to maximise your sale value, such as staging your home. When you stage your house you increase its appeal, and this will make it more likely a buyer will purchase it or pay more for it. Staging the house for sale on a budget is not an easy task. There are several decisions to make.

Following are some of the things to consider:

Inspect the floors

Begin with floor inspection. You must check all the problems that can arise in relation to your floors. If you have carpets in the house, then make sure they are clean. If you have wooden floors, then ensure that they are up to standard, one of the major problems of timber flooring is expansion between the timber planks, if you have any gaps you can fill these with silicone. If you have areas that are damaged or out of your budget to fix, then you can think about placing a floor rug over the problem spots. Source some touch up paint in a similar colour to hide small scratches.

Refresh the walls

This is another important point that you should consider. The walls are often the first thing a potential buyer will notice. You can try to refresh your walls. This can be done in a number of ways. For instance, you can either get the wall painted in a creative manner or use wallpapers. It will help you to add a creative look into the house and increase its value. Most importantly, wallpapers do not cost a lot. Alternatively you can opt for a ‘feature wall’, this wall can be painted a different colour to the rest of the walls, and then dressed up with homemade shelves from a hardware store. You can find professionals on ArchiPro to help you.

Work on the windows

This is one of the aspects that a lot of homeowners overlook. In order to increase the value of your house, all the windows must have blinds or curtains. You can even use cheap roller blinds like these if you do not have suitable window treatments. The choice of window blinds allow the proper amount of light to enter the room. This makes the room look more spacious, inviting and homely. No other window covering is more cost effective than roller blinds (or sometimes called holland blinds).

Consider decorations

This is of immense importance when increasing the homes value. Décor is something that humans are naturally inclined to favour. Research has shown that with the right decorations like furniture, modern floor rugs, wall fixings, and knick knacks that you can completely revamp your home and increase its appeal. Therefore, you must consider installation of different decorative items to ensure that your house looks worthy. If a visitor comes to the house, you must ensure that he finds it appealing to the eye, with this you will be able to increase your resale value.

Raise awareness

This is a really overlooked part to selling your house. If you don’t want to pay a real estate agent, you can save a huge amount on commissions. Real estate agents usually charge about 3-5% commission on the total amount you sell your home for, this really adds up. To get around this, take professional looking photos of your home, and list them online. If you want to get really crafty you can print out large amounts of flyers about your house sale and post them around locally, this will raise interest. Beware you might run out of ink, to stock up buy them at cheap online printer ink retailers. The more buyers you have interested in your property, the more the sale price will likely be – it is basic supply and demand.


This is the summary of all the points mentioned above. Maintenance is of immense importance. You cannot sell your house to any purchaser if it is not maintained. It needs to be maintained properly to ensure that everything appears in the right order. Whenever a potential buyer is booked in, make sure you are cleaning any clutter and maintaining the ‘display home’ look, as we like to call it.

Above are some of the major ways in which you can stage the house for sale on a low budget. Make sure you follow these points properly to increase your resale value!

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