How To Maximize Your Home’s Curb Appeal


If you are thinking about putting your home on the market, you should be concerned with how good it looks and the level of curb appeal that it has. Curb appeal, simply put, is the level of attractiveness of your home for passers by or neighbors. Everyone wants their home to look nice, but when you are selling there are things that you should do to make sure that your home looks its best.

Many potential buyers will either look at pictures of your home online or take a drive past the property to check it out. The first impression that they get from just seeing the exterior of a home is often the deciding factor for if they want to see more. Being able to draw in interest with your curb appeal is a great advantage for sellers.

Everything from the neatness and quality of your lawn and gardens to your front porch decorations are all important factors in curb appeal. Hiring an expert in lawn care in Frederick, MD or sprucing up your front landing can go a long way to making an impressive first impression. Take a look at some other ways that you can help improve your home’s curb appeal.

Take An Unbiased Look

We all get so used to what our houses look like that we often don’t give it much thought. When you are preparing to sell, take a walk around your full exterior property and house. Try to look at it through new eyes and pick out the problem areas that may need some work. You can even take some photographs to study later on to see where improvements or repairs can be made. Use a critical eye and try to see your home through a buyer’s eyes.


Tackle The Issues

You don’t have to go through any complex renovations to improve your curb appeal, it is mostly about making your property neat and presentable to buyers. Make a list of all of the repairs or changes that are needed and make a budget. Start with bigger issues like power washing your siding or repainting your porch and work your way down to smaller things like putting up new house numbers.

Spruce Up Your Lawn

Although the main focus of the buyer is generally on the house itself, you are kidding yourself if you think the condition of your property will not make an impression. Before listing your home, you can consider bringing in a lawn care service to help you get your yard in great shape. If you have cracks in your driveway or sidewalk they should be repaired or sealed. Rake your leaves and keep your lawn trimmed so that you can present your home while it’s looking its best.


Add Some Lighting

If you currently don’t have any outdoor lighting, you may want to consider a temporary garden flood light system that will light your home in the evening. Many potential buyers will drive around different neighborhoods to look for available houses in the evenings after work, so it’s important for people to be able to at least get an impression of the property even at night. Make sure that you have your porch light on so that your address is easily identifiable and turn on any interior lights that can be seen from the road.

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