How To Market Your Home To Millennials



Today, millennials, or Generation Y, constitute the biggest group globally. These are people born between 1981 and 1996. They’re young adults, and most are starting families and buying homes.  

Out of the total home buyers in 2022, 54% were millennials. The research also showed that millions of millennials still have yet to purchase homes. Therefore, the demand for homes and properties from this group is likely to remain steady or increase in the coming years. You should consider directing your marketing efforts to millennials to sell your home quickly. 

Here are some effective strategies to market your home to millennials: 

1. List Your Home With A Real Estate Agent

Most millennials love convenience, and many use brokers to find products or services. This reality holds when they are on the market for a home. You’ll barely meet a millennial walking around searching for a home to buy. Most members of this generation entrust the task to real estate agents. So, you won’t get it wrong if you list your home with one, like

Most real estate agents have wide marketing networks. When you list your home with them, you’ll likely connect with a millennial buyer in no time. However, you must partner with someone credible and experienced. 

You can also choose to list your home with someone local to find a buyer quickly. For example, if you have a property in Ocean Club Key Biscayne, Florida, you can get in touch with a real estate broker in that location. Since they know the area so well, they can make practical recommendations regarding where to dine or shop and what to do for entertainment 

2. Post Helpful Content For Millennials On Your Website

Many millennials are constantly surfing the internet to find helpful information on how to buy a home or apply for mortgage loans. If you have a website, creating content that addresses their concerns can be an effective strategy to not only sell your home but also to drive traffic to your website and generate quality leads.  

You must use the right language and tone for millennials when creating your content. Otherwise, they won’t engage with you. Including the right keywords enables your website to rank high online. As a result, any millennial looking for specific information can stumble upon your website.  

3. Post Your Home On Sale On Social Media

You can’t ignore the power of social media when it comes to marketing your home to millennials. In fact, many of them spend a better part of the day on different social media sites engaging and searching for products. You can find a millennial buyer sooner than later if you market your home on social media.  

To sell your home through social media marketing, you must choose the right platform for your target audience. Research which social media platforms many of your prospects like to spend time on. Once you’ve identified one, post content describing the home you want to sell. Apart from promotional materials, ensure you publish other content with helpful information to users. Simply put, you should create a balance between promotional and educational materials.  

You should also request other people to share your social media content with their relatives and friends. Word-of-mouth marketing enables you to reach more millennials. 

4. Leverage Modern Technology

Millennials love and use modern technology. Leveraging the right tools and techniques will make you seem like a professional seller to them. As such, you’ll likely connect with a buyer faster.  

There are several technologies you can adopt when marketing your home to millennials. One of them is live streams. This provides you with an opportunity to personalize your communication. The technology also enables prospects to see the home without physically coming to your location. This can be especially useful if you are listing an overseas property

You can also use smartphone app technology to connect with millennials. In fact, this is one of the best ways to enhance your mobile messaging marketing. The right apps will help expose your home to many people.  

5. Partner With Influencers

Lastly, you can work with influencers to market your home to millennials. These are social media personalities, celebrities, YouTubers, and bloggers with large audiences. Partnering with one can help promote the visibility of your home. 

Essentially, influencers can influence their audiences’ decision making. Therefore, you’ll find a buyer quickly when your home is mentioned by one. But you must choose an influencer in the real estate sector.  


Selling a home to millennials isn’t a walk in the park. This is a special generation that’s always online. So, you’ll barely find a buyer if you use offline marketing strategies. You can adopt the tips explained in this article to market your home to millennials. If you find the undertaking overwhelming, remember that you can always ask for professional help. You can partner with a real estate broker or connect with an influencer. 

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