How to Declutter Before Listing Your Property for Sale


When you list your property for sale, potential buyers are going to want to come and see it. And while they’re going to imagine the space with their furniture and tastes applied, the current look and feel of each area is going to play a role in their decision too. Making sure to declutter and prepare the space for their scrutiny is essential in finding a buyer and getting your asking price. Here are some of the things you should look out for and spend time decluttering before you list your property for sale.

The Kitchen Should Be the First Step 

The kitchen is often the first area in the house to suffer from clutter, so being able to declutter this space is essential. It also usually tops the list of areas of the house that will most influence the decision to buy, so spend some real time here. Work surfaces should be empty, drawers and cupboards should be clean and well organized, and your fridge should be clear of your kid’s drawings, magnets and other clutter. The kitchen should be presented as clean, neat and spotless.

Check for and Remove Hazardous Materials

If your house is older, one of your most important steps to check off before listing is to check for and remove any hazardous material. Since you’re going to be cleaning up and likely discarding things in the lead up to your open house, you need to be aware of items that can be thrown in the garbage, and items that should be properly disposed of. Things that you might not expect, like burned out CFL light bulbs and old batteries should be disposed of properly. If you’re throwing out old paints and oils, knowing which can be dumped and which should be safely removed is important too. Old electronics are often one of the more difficult things to throw out because they shouldn’t be added to the regular garbage, so this e-waste need not be disposed of properly. 

Now to the Bathroom

The bathroom is often one of the biggest considerations that potential buyers will look at when they’re walking through a home that is for sale, so some time spent making sure it’s in tip top shape certainly isn’t wasted. A bathroom that looks untidy might give the impression that it’s difficult to keep clean, so you want it to look like it’s a breeze. Throw away old or unused toiletries and clean any mildew or dirt from between the tiles and the shower floor. If anything is cracked or broken, replace it and your bathroom will quickly become clean and attractive to your buyer.

As a final step just take a walk through the house and neaten everything up. Make sure the carpets are all flat and not folded and all your pictures are straight on the wall. Put away small appliances into cupboards or drawers and pack away any non-essentials that are taking up space and making rooms look smaller. Now that the clutter is away and the property is ready for viewing, it’s time to get it sold!

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