How to Clean a House to Sell



When you have set your mind to sell your house, you ought to implement a lot of preparation, and this also involves thorough cleaning. Getting your home ready to sell is no plain sailing as it takes time, patience, and a hell load of work. Very often homeowners don’t have a clear insight into where to start and how long would the cleaning process take, but one thing is for sure, cleaning a house for sale need to be a detailed and meticulous task. Here is a nifty guide on how to clean your house before enlisting it on a marketplace.

Clear out the clutter

First things first, before you embark on a detailed cleaning endeavor, you must get rid of clutter. Clutter-free house is the hallmark of a welcoming and comfortable home, what’s more, it gives you more space to roam around and clean with ease. Ditch any items that you no longer need, and clear out everything starting from the basement, to the attic and garage. Toss any things you find no use of any more or donate some things to charity, and you would instantly get a decluttered and attractive home with more room to work with. In addition, try not to overwhelm the house with objects that are too cramped or large as most buyers prefer spacious rooms to cluttered areas.

Tackle the floors in detail

Depending on the type and size of your home, you would like to have a wooden, laminate, or tiled floor. Regular cleaning and maintenance are the secrets to having floors look spotless and fresh. However, when you are about to prepare and clean your house to sell, you need to make the floors look brand new. In this case, it’s advisable to contact professional cleaners who would perform film-free laminate cleaning and clean laminate floors without leaving any spot. Floors like wood, stone, marble, and tiles, don’t require such precision, but it’s equally vital that they look flawless. Make sure you use only eco-friendly cleaning products to enhance the durability and quality of your floors.

Scrub the kitchen

When you are about to sell your house, bear in mind that most buyers would immediately check out the kitchen. No matter if you have a bit outdated kitchen elements, or old-fashioned cupboards, with a sleek and thorough clean-up, you can make your kitchen look exquisite. To wow your visitors and potential buyers, make sure to scrub the kitchen fully. Use liquid household bleach or some other cleaners that contain bleach to remove some nasty marks or mildew stains from oven doors and scrub between tiles. Clear the counters to free up space, and use a multi-purpose cleaner for cupboards, kitchen appliances, stove, and dishwasher. Also, free up the pantry and let prospective home buyers see how prestigious and wide your kitchen can be.

Clean the bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom top-to-bottom is of utmost importance when you’ve settled to sell the house.  Although it may sound like a huge undertaking, it’s an unavoidable action. First, check the labels of your cleaning supplies in order to use less abrasive products that won’t deteriorate the shower door or toilet plastic. If possible, aim to use a no-rinse product that won’t leave any unwanted stains nor make the bathroom tiles look smudged or dirty. Polish the countertops, clean the wash basin with a separate sponge, tackle the bathtub or shower in detail and if there is mold in the grout, make an effort to scrub that in detail with an old toothbrush and elbow grease. For a final touch, place lovely aromatherapy scents, replace the soap, hang clean towels, and replace shower curtains, rugs, and toilet paper.

Create an impressionable atmosphere

When selling a house, besides absolute cleanliness, you can incorporate a few other tricks to make the first impression get even more alluring. Place vivid and colorful house plants such as succulents or glorious fiddle-leaf figs to create a homey vibe, then decorate the place in attractive hues. Another useful piece of advice is to place funky cushions, add a nice velvet plush throw, and hang eye-catching wall art so that new owners get a glimpse of how clean and lovely the house they are about to buy can be.

Cleaning a house to sell is not a demanding process, just don’t forget to dust, mop, and clean all parts of your house, even the hardest-to-reach ones.

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