How Sump Pump Can Increase the Value of Your Home


If you are not aware of what sump pumps are, they are a series of small pumps that are usually established in a crawl space or basement that is made to remove water and prevent the area from any form of flooding.  This is the reason why a lot of investors and real estate owners invest in one. It keeps their properties protected and increases its value even after a couple of years have passed. If you are a home owner and have not yet invested in a sump pump, here are some benefits that you can get from having one.

Key Points on Why a Sump Pump is Needed in Every Home

Increasing the value of your home through a sump pump is one of the most ideal and cost-effective way to do so. Having your own drainage system right under your basement through a sump pump keeps the lower level of your house dry throughout the year and a big plus to real estate hunters.

Prevent Water Damage

Most of the time, water damage in the basement seems impossible to avoid and is very costly to remove. Nonetheless, having a best sump pump removes the water from your basement or basin before it becomes problematic and can even redirect the water away from your home.

A sump pump is comprised of several cylinders that are placed at the bottom part of your basement and automatically switch on upon contact with water and automatically pump it out of your basement. This feature absolutely removes the chance of accumulating water and moisture in your basement, thus preventing any type of water damage that may leave you with damp and deteriorated walls, wallpapers, and flooring.

Prevent Mold and Mildew Growth

Mold growth and fungus in the basement or in the basin is one of the main concerns homeowners think about. A lot of mildew and molds thrive in a moist environment. They multiply at a very fast rate especially when they are living in a habitat that is conducive for them.  Accumulated molds in an area may eventually be harmful to your health or in other cases, fatal.


Having a sump pump removes the moisture in your basement and hinders the molds from entering. They immediately remove rising water before moisture even sets in. This keeps your basement and your entire home in its best shape and a healthy environment to live in.

Prevent Fires and Preserve Quality of Appliances

Actually, Sump pumps can contribute to saving you are your family’s lives.  Fires are most of the time caused by several factors such as electrical appliances exposed to water or moisture. This can easily be avoided. Instances such as water touching electrical circuits that provides power to appliances in the basement like washing machines, heater, and dryers causing it to short-circuit can lead to fires.

And even if it does not cause a fire, having your appliances wet and exposed to water may lead to deterioration and damage. Sump pumps assist in reducing the risk of flooding, thus, it can help in averting unwanted fires, or having your appliances destroyed. So if you are a person who has different appliances and devices in your home, investing in one is recommended.

Keep Home Structure and Parts in Best Quality

Sump pumps are needed especially when flooding in the basement happens on a regular basis. It is used to solve dampness in cases where water level is higher than the foundation of the house. The sump pump redirects the water from the home to a different place where it would no longer be considered a problem. Most of the time, the water is discharged to a dry well, a storm drain, or to the sanitary sewers. 

We can say that sump pumps keep everything around it dry. It eliminates the chance of accumulating water and moisture to build up maintaining the solid build of the structure of the house. It also sustains an environment that preserves any appliances, and electrical system keeping them away from any hazardous setting. The sump pump makes sure that everything is in top shape.


Overall, water is absorbed by the ground and tends to accumulate over time when it rains and may cause damage to the house’s foundation which may affect the resale value of your home. Having a sump pump assures that this situation is avoided. It pumps out the water away from the house, keeping everything inside it and its structure at its best quality. At the end of the day, a basement that is dry directs a higher resale value because everything is in tip top condition even after years of use and occupancy.

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