How I do sell my home while Im away on holiday?

Planning to sell your property this summer? Already got a holiday booked? Never fear: in an age of property portals and online marketing, it is easier than ever to find a new buyer while you’re away.

Here are five simple steps to sell your home while on holiday:

1. Advertise your home online

Thanks to the global reach of the Internet, it has never been easier to sell your home privately regardless of its – and your – physical location. Just as house-hunters can quickly look at property abroad, homeowners can do the same. Not having estate agent fees to accompany your flight and hotel costs is an added bonus.

2. Recruit a representative

There are some duties that can only be performed in-person, from checking the post to giving buyers a guided tour. Rather than cancel your trip altogether, recruit someone to act as your representative. It does not have to be an estate agent: it can be a friend or a family member. Not only are they more willing to help out at unusual times of the day, but they also probably know your house better than an agent anyway.

3. Clean up

Nobody likes to come back from holiday to a messy home – imagine how a prospective buyer would feel. You may be out of the country but treat your property exactly as if you were still there and ready to show someone around. Clean the inside and the out; tidy the garden; empty the bins. Food that will go off should also be removed to avoid unwanted smells.

4. Lock the doors

You want your home to be welcoming to visitors, but you do not want burglars wandering into your living room. Before leaving the country, make sure all your locks are fastened and the alarms set. If you have a friend or family member showing people the house while you are away, give them the security code and a set of keys.

5. Check your emails

With everything else in place, you are ready to go on holiday. Take a mobile device with you or find an Internet cafe so that you can be contactable via email. If there are any urgent developments, you can then tackle them as soon as possible. Then just sit back, switch off and wait for the offers to come rolling in.

Photo credit: Antonio MC

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