Cash for My House: Tips for Selling your House Fast


When you put your house on the market, you usually want it to sell as fast as possible. However, a house that is not effectively marketed could stay on the market for months. The long wait to find a buyer can be tremendously frustrating, especially if you are in dire need of the money. The good news is that you can do a few things to reduce the amount of time your property will linger on the market, as I learned when I wanted cash for my house. Please read on to find out.

Prepare your house for the market

Before you, do anything else ensure that your house is ready to go on the market. Most buyers out there are looking to buy a house want a ready-to-move-in property. To win this battle, your house should be in pristine condition. Make sure that it is immaculately painted. Repair any faulty locks or broken toilet seats. Clean your gutters and do all the maintenance work that you have been putting off. The main objective is to make the buyer feel that they can move in immediately to a comfortable home. Moreover, most minor repairs are far from costly and they can increase the value of your house.


The first thing that a potential buyer will see when approaching your property is the exterior. Your front porch and door should give a welcoming impression. If the exterior looks rough and is rugged with overgrown grass, buyers are less likely to think of your house as a great property. As such, it will sit unsold on the market for a long time. If you can afford to, you should hire a professional landscaper to make the exterior look alluring. This will help you sell your property fast. After all, aren’t you thinking: how can I get cash for my house? Then, do not put off potential buyers by having a dirty yard.

Stage your home to sell

Although I will not over-emphasize this point, professional staging can help you sell your house fast and for more, and I learned this when I decided I wanted cash for my house. So, when you set out to sell your home, do everything possible to sell it quickly. If you know a firm that can help you stage your house for the market, do not hesitate to call them. You probably have some good furniture, but have you decluttered your house?

Well, if you want to get as many offers as you can in the shortest time, make it presentable.

Furthermore, you can also avoid all these hassles and sell your house as it is to companies that buy homes for cash. They will give you an impressive offer for your home in its current state, and if you accept it, they will close the deal fast.

Set the best price

A house that is priced below the market value can sell quite quickly. But wanting to sell your house fast does not mean that you should sell it at too low a price. Do some market research to know how much properties like yours are selling for. You may not know is that your property is most valuable the day you put it on the market. Therefore, you need to price it reasonably. Instead of listing the house at 115% of the market value, you want to list it at 90% so that it can sell fast.

Focus on your online presentation

Technology has revolutionized how we buy and sell properties. If you intend to list yours online, your presentation has to be on point because you will be facing stiff competition. If the first impression is incredible your house will sell fast.

Put all the tips we have listed into action, implement them, and your house will not last long once it hits the market. Good luck!

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