8 property photo mistakes to avoid


Property photos are arguably the most important part of selling your home. Forget the words: pictures are worth a thousand of those. The price? That can be negotiated. The location you cannot change, but the right images can make any place look more appealing.

A recent survey by Redfin found that more than three quarters of buyers (76.6 per cent) said that the number of photos is “very important”, while 84 per cent said that they would not even consider buying a property if the listing had no pictures at all.

According to The Wall Street Journal, listings with nicer photos fetch anywhere from $900 to $116,000 more than those without. Putting some thought into your listing pictures, therefore, is essential if you want to sell your home.

Whether you are planning to take them yourself with a DSLR or hire a professional, here are eight property photo mistakes to avoid.

1. Too blurry

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A blurry photograph is the quickest way to distract a buyer from looking at your home. The conclusion that they will reach? That your home is not good enough to be marketed professionally.

2. Too messy


Photo credit: Redfin

Clutter is never a welcome sight in a property photo: a home that has not been tidied has not been taken care of. Does that mean it is not worth buying?

3. Too dark


Photo: Worst Room

How can someone admire or enquire about your home if they cannot see it?

4. Too ugly


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When taking a photo of the outside of your property, think about what the weather is like. Is it sunny, which will make your home seem bright and positive? Or is it rainy and grey, which will make it seem dull and depressing?

5. Including a timestamp


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Fancy purchasing a home from 10 years ago? Of course not. Make sure that timestamps are not on your images: they will only date your listing.

6. Photoshopping


Photo credit: HookedonHouses.net

There is a time and a place for Photoshop, especially if you need to adjust the white balance in your photo or crop out a timestamp. But go too far and you will only make your home look artificial and trustworthy – or you will disappoint buyers when they finally see it in person.

7. Offensive decorations


Photo: Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos

Whether it is a private political statement, a rude piece of graffiti or a stuffed animal head, try to remove, repair or cover up offensive items before immortalising them on film forever – this will also mean they are resolved or out of the way ready for any viewings from buyers further down the line.

8. Including yourself


Photo credit: Curbed.com

Photos of yourself, your children, or your pets, will only distract a buyer from admiring your property. If you are scantily clad or other people in the photo are engaged in “private” activities, that distraction will only be worse.

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