7 Simple Mistakes Everyone Makes When Selling A Home

Selling a home is a stressful experience, no doubt about it, but sometimes those who are trying to sell their property make things harder for themselves by making simple mistakes that can have an affect on their finances, the final property price and the time it takes to eventually have a sale go through. Here are seven simple mistakes that are costing you money:

1. Asking for too much
Setting the price on a property too high straight away is going to impact the sale. People can quickly and easily discover recommended house prices and what properties nearby have sold for, allowing them to query your over indulgent prices. You might love your home and think its worth that much but those looking round it don’t care for your décor style, furniture or if you shed blood, sweat and tears over the conservatory extension. Bear in mind that house prices have just seen another 6% rise in price, so buyers will be taking this into consideration. 
2. Try to go it alone without any experience
These days there are lots of alternatives to estate agents on the market, meaning you can quickly go it alone and avoid all the nonsense that comes with working with them. However, doing so might save you money initially but if you do make a mistake it can have huge repercussions when it comes to legal fees and personal finances.

If you need to make a quick sale and don’t want to work with an estate agent then consider a service such as We Buy Any House, which offers a reasonably valued cash buy for your property to help you make that sale quickly. Bear in mind though that you won’t reach your desired asking price this way but its great if you need to sell quickly.

3. Remain emotionally involved

Those sellers who remain too emotionally attached have a hard time convincing buyers they actually want to sell their property, which can draw out the process and cause complications down the line when you don’t want to co operate with them because they said something nasty about your carpet. As soon as that for sale sign goes up detach yourself from the property – it’s not going to be yours anymore.

4. Not listing enough photos (or using poor quality images)

Low res images, or no images at all, can really impact the length of time it takes to make a sale and the longer a property remains available, the lower the price will have to go in order to get that sale.

5. Failing to prepare your home

You might think your property is of a high enough standard to list one day and have someone to snap it up the next. After all it’s where you call home and you have cherished memories in its rooms but it’s a good idea to check what will put buyers off before they come round to view. Not cleaning the property, peeling wallpaper, damaged doors and an untidy garden are all turn offs – check out this Daily Mail article on what buyers can’t see beyond when looking at a property. 

6. Not negotiating

Failure to negotiate on price with a sale can lead to lengthy selling periods and potentially having to reduce the price in desperation later after missing out on a sale. 

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