6 steps to avoid Christmas decoration disruption

Just before the holidays, we discussed whether it was a good idea to sell your home at Christmas. One of the biggest obstacles to a successful sale was the issue of Christmas decorations, which could easily get in the way of a prospective buyer viewing your home – or, worse, potentially offend someone with particular religious beliefs.

With the New Year upon us, for those who have embarked upon selling their home, there are some steps that can be taken to minimise decoration disruption.

Trim your tree down to size

When it comes to Christmas trees, the temptation is to go as big as possbile, but trim your tree down to a smaller size and you will find your living room appears to have a lot more space. Displaying a small table-top tree in the middle of the room can make up for any height difference, but still minimise the impact upon the rest of the room.

Stack your presents

If you have a smaller tree, you will face the age-old question of where to put your Christmas gifts ready for the big day. If you wish to display to spread the festive mood, be sure to stack them in a corner of a room so that they do not distract from viewing the rest of the property.

Use red

If decorating, red is a warming colour that will help to create an overall positive vibe for any viewers of your home.

Use green

While green is less appealing on the eye, some tasteful garlands or evergreen wreaths can lend a classy air to a home, as opposed to the bushy approach of tinsel or the messy approach of banners and hanging objects.

Don’t hide your fixtures and fittings

Remember that people are there to view your home, not your decorations, so take care not to hide your fixtures and fittings, whether that’s an impressive fireplace or an expensive mantelpiece. Centre-pieces made of pine cones or candles can be impressive and festive without blocking a buyer’s view.

Photo: Rudy_kleysteuber

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