6 Questions To Ask MV Realty When Planning To Sell Your Home



Are you looking for a real estate brokerage to help you sell your home? With the many realty companies available, you might be wondering how to settle on the right one for your needs. There’s no need to worry, though, as this article highlights the questions you should ask your agent to ensure you make the right choice. Read on to know more.

  1. 1. What Is The Value Of Your Home?

The value of your home determines the average amount of money you’re going to get from its sale. Realtors can tell your home’s value just by looking at it; this is something that only experienced professionals like those from MV Realty do best. They’ll also assess your home and check its condition. If found to be in a poor state, the value of your home is likely to be low; the reverse applies as well.

By knowing your home’s value, you’ll also know if selling it is the best option for you, considering your initial investment.

  1. 2. What Services Do They Offer?

Different realtors will offer varying services to their clients. With the many activities involved in selling a house, you need to know which aspects your broker will cover and those they won’t. You may visit homeownersbenefit.com to know more about the programs available for those planning to sell their homes.

Some questions you need answers for to help you plan accordingly are as follows:

  • – Will they look for buyers for your home or only list it?
  • – Will they handle all the inspections, or do you have to hire a professional to do these?


  1. 3. How Do They Come Up With The Listing Price?

Knowing how real estate agencies determine the sale price of your house is essential because it will help you gauge their transparency levels. They should offer this information without any hesitation.

Your realtor may use any of these: square footage, neighbourhood location, home condition, and house type. Others will use the current market prices to settle on a price. However, it’s good to note that all these are viable ways of arriving at the cost. You may also seek a second opinion on this for clarity purposes.


  1. 4. Is There Any Way Your Home’s Value Can Be Increased?

This is a crucial aspect to inquire about, especially in low-valued homes. A low home value doesn’t mean you can’t get a good price for it. A realtor’s inspection can identify areas you can improve on to increase your home’s value.

The value of a house often increases with renovations such as painting and repairs. Once you renovate, request another valuation and see if your changes led to a better price for your home.

  1. 5. How Much Do They Charge?

As stated earlier, different realtors will offer different prices for their services. The number and type of services your realtor offers determine the amount they’ll charge you. The costs should be reasonable enough; not too high or too low.

You also need to inquire about the payment terms before you get into a contract with your realtor. Some will ask for a commission, while others will demand a flat fee. Whatever the mode is, settle on terms you can work with. You have the right to suggest your preferred payment terms, and should they agree, then good for you both. If they don’t, you can seek other realtors with favourable terms.

It’s also essential to ask what their upfront costs cover. If they don’t provide all-inclusive coverage, what other costs should you expect? How much will these cost you? In the end, it’s better to settle with a realtor with fees that cover everything. This is because of the possibility of accruing costs becoming too expensive in the long run.

  1. 6. How Many Sales Have They Made?

The likelihood of a home sale depends on the skills of your realtor. Therefore, you need to look at their numbers.

Ask for their portfolio on previous clients as this is better than trusting every word they say. Inquire about the number of sales they’ve closed on houses similar to yours. You’re more likely to sell if you work with an experienced realtor who sold the same type of house. They know what aspects to highlight during the sale and which buyers to approach.


You need to know many things before you start your home-selling journey. However, the questions discussed here have already covered the essential aspects to ease your sale. Now it’s up to you which of them you wish to ask your realtor before you decide to sell your home.

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