5 Pro Tips To Quickly Sell A Vacant Lot



When selling real estate, it can be more challenging to find buyers for a piece of vacant lot than those with existing homes. There are many reasons behind it, and they’re often related to the land’s location and the amount of work or expense necessary to improve vacant lots for particular usage.

If you currently have a vacant lot to sell, you can work with cash buyers like Sell Land or sell it quickly with the following tips:

  1. 1. Understand Your Market

One of the ways to sell a vacant lot quickly is to do your homework about the market. You should have a detailed picture of the lot market in your area and get an idea of making it work for you. By understanding the market, you’ll be able to manage your listing for exceptional results.

Determine the value of your lot by recognizing where it’s situated and what reputation that location has in the market. You’ll have to survey similar lots or lands. By checking similar properties or comparing your lot to them, you’ll get an idea of what to expect about the things involved in simple land selling. Having such factors laid out, you’ll understand your land’s market value.

  1. 2. Make A Strong First Impression

Selling lands works like courting land buyers. Therefore, when you’re courting them, you should make a strong impression through the lot you’re selling. It’s necessary to prepare your property to impress your potential buyers.

To ensure that your lot is presentable, remove debris, garbage, or fallen leaves. You also have to fix broken fencing, fill in eroded areas and cut the overgrowth of weeds and grass. Doing such things can make the appearance of your land attractive.

The other thing to prepare is the parking area. There must be enough space where viewers may park their cars. If there isn’t any other area to park beside the street, inform your neighbors that you’re expecting visitors, and they could have the space for parking in the meantime.

It’s also perfect to have a viewing plan for your buyers. It will help you showcase the most valuable or attractive features of the lot before showing them some aspects of the property. The property’s front part must be appealing since it’s the first thing that your potential buyers will notice.

  1. 3. Get A Survey Done To Provide Buyers Accurate Details

Even if a survey is required when transferring ownership in various areas of the country, a current survey may also be a great marketing tool to help market your lot to potential buyers. Typically, surveys are done by licensed surveyors, which illustrate your lot’s features clearly, including the following:

  • – Building setbacks
  • – Rivers, streams, creeks, and bodies of impounded water, such as lakes or ponds
  • – Roads, rail lines, bridges, and so on
  • – Location of structures or improvements on your property, such as sheds or barns
  • – Deed or restrictions on the land
  • – Placement of the property boundary markers

The topography of your lot and any land usage rights for the property may be included to ensure that potential buyers will get complete and accurate information. But when having an older survey updated or getting a new survey done, mark property corners and boundary lines. It will make it easier for potential buyers to find them when viewing the lot and avoid possible misconceptions about your property’s exact location and perimeters.

  1. 4. Decide On The Price

Selling your vacant lot priced below or at market value is the best way to ensure a quick sale. Keep in mind that a crucial factor in speeding up the selling process is the price. Make sure to price your property right like the other similar lots in the area. To get an idea of the right price for your vacant lot, ask for help from a real estate agent or other property owners who have sold vacant lots before.

  1. 5. Market Or Advertise On Listing Sites

In terms of marketing vacant lots, there are various options you can choose from. Aside from putting a sign that your land is for sale, you can take advantage of property listing online. You may find online listing sites to help you reach people who want to purchase lands like yours.

At present, you can list your lot for sale on a multiple listing service (MLS), which is a platform to list properties, allowing you to reach a broader market of potential buyers. Just make sure to use the most reliable and known for its good reputation to avoid inconvenience.


It can be challenging to sell a vacant lot fast, but it’s never impossible. As long as you know the techniques, you can get results in no time. So, make sure to follow the above tips and put in maximum effort to sell your vacant lot quickly.



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