How to write the killer property advert that buyers will love


Where do you start when creating a property description? Nick Marr founder of has been helping owners and agents find buyers since 2002 and offers some sound tips and advice when it comes to writing a property description

” the big mistake most people make when they create thier descriptioin is overwheleming the buyer with too much detail’

Feelings make great property adverts

Explaining how you feel about moving on from the property or how you felt about the location, the features of the home and why your now selling can make compelling reading 

Practical Details

  • Connectivity, local wifi and links
  • Office or working space within the property
  • Local business communities and networking opportunities
  • Proximity to the buzz of a local town or city
  • Great restaurants offering quality local cuisine
  • Availability of high-adrenaline outdoor activities
  • Distance to the beach for water sports
  • The time it would take to reach other key European destinations for weekend adventures

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Don’t stretch the truth
It can be tempting to over-exaggerate certain features of your house within your description, however you are at risk of ending up with plenty of disgruntled viewers if you do not live up to expectations! Showcase your property’s best features, but remember to remain honest and factual. 

The Mirror gives some good tips

Proofread and show your description to someone else

First impressions count and that includes your grammar spelling and the way you write From “walking closet” and “wreck room” to “stainless steal appliances” and “hardware floors,” many property descriptions come chock-full of typos. Some homebuyers have a difficult time taking a listing seriously when they are busy laughing at all the spelling and grammatical errors in the listing.

Use bullet points

When people surf the web, they don’t read; they scan. Make it as easy as possible for homebuyers by listing off the great things about your property rather than write up a novella. Using bullet points is always a great idea as are sub-headers, they tell the reader what the upcoming paragraph will address. Great advice Top 10 tips for writing a property description

Don’t go on!

Remember, you only have a short window of opportunity to grab a buyer’s attention – especially on the internet where people can simply click away. Ensure the first few sentences summarise the property in a nutshell, as this is the bit that buyers are most likely to read. So stick to explaining the location, the decor, the size and some key selling points in these initial sentences.

Advice and Tips 

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