How to Encourage the Sale of Your Property if it is Not Selling


The property market can sometimes be very unpredictable and as most people are aware, selling your property can be a long and frustrating process, especially if your property is taking too long to sell or isn’t attracting the interest that you feel it should be. Taking the time to improve the chances of your property selling will help move the process along. So what can you do to help speed things up?

Work With the Best Estate Agent for Your Property By employing the right estate agent, you will get a complete service to help promote and sell your property in the best way possible. Providing that you choose a good quality and experienced agent, you will benefit from a wealth of knowledge extending to what appeals to potential buyers, any sale trends for your property type, local area knowledge and of course industry insights. They will do everything in their power to find potential buyers and to complete the sale, with complete support throughout the whole process.

Be Prepared and Fully Committed – In order to complete the sale as quick as possible, it is advised that you plan ahead and have everything in place should somebody want to buy your property. By being prepared, you are allowing for a quick sale, making the whole process much easier. You also need to be fully committed to the sale of your property, being flexible in terms of viewing times, being readily available on the end of the phone and being in close contact with your estate agent.

Have a Professional Valuation – It is very important for your house to be correctly valued as this may be the only obstacle blocking the sale of your property. Your property may well be perfect for potential buyers, but if the price isn’t right for them and they don’t feel that the property is worth the amount that is up for sale at, they won’t meet your price. By paying for a professional valuation, you will receive a true and up to date valuation of your property, allowing you to change the price of your property to something more realistic that prospective buyers may be more interested in.

Consider Selling in a Different Way – Property auctions can often be a very good way to sell a property as they are regularly attended by investors and developers looking for their next property. The sale of properties via auction is quick, and providing that the price of your property is realistic, you can expect your property to sell and the whole process to be completed on the day.

Be Creative When Promoting Your Property – As buyers, investors and property developers will have almost certainly seen a variety of properties before yours, doing something different and creative may just encourage their interest in your property. Holding an event at your property, such as an open day, may boost people’s thoughts about your property and ensure that it remains in their heads. Your estate agent may well be able to plan and run the open day, meaning that you may speed up the sales process almost effortlessly.

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