Home not going fast? Speed up your property sale with these eight steps

Everyone who has tried to sell their property has been there: your home is on the market, but everything is taking longer than you hoped. Stuck with an unsold property on your hands? Need to move out to keep the chain moving? HomesGoFast.com presents eight quick steps to sell your home faster:

Choose a good agent

You may not be using an estate agent to sell your home, but if you are, make sure it is a good one: do not just accept the agent who offers you the highest valuation, or chargest the lowest fee. Instead, find out how they have performed with their most recent sales: did they fetch the asking price successfully? How long did it take? Also check whether they are an accredited member of the National Association of Estate Agents, or other industry body. (To search their database, visit www.naea.co.uk/find-agent.)

Get paperwork sorted

This is essential if you want to sell your home as quickly as possible: ensure all your legal documentation is in order, such as your Energy Performance Certificate, and make sure you are already in touch with your chosen solicitor to avoid having to find one further down the line.

Remove paperwork where possible

Some paperwork can be sorted in advance, but some can be avoided altogether by using online services. An online conveyancer, for example, can cut out the usual delays caused by relying upon the old-fashioned postal service.

Kerb appeal

Two words that you should repeat to yourself before you go to bed every night: kerb appeal. Creating a good first impression will mean that every buyer who visits your property is more likely to make an offer – and, if you impress them from the earliest possible opportunity, to make them sooner. (Read our tips to improve your kerb appeal.)

Price realistically

Nothing will leave a house on the market for longer than a unreasonably high price. Prevent that from happening by reading our guide to pricing your home realistically, taking into account both market trends and your property’s features.

Check your property listing

Home still not selling very quickly? Go through your listing with our property MOT checklist to ensure everything is in order. 

Sort your repairs early

Remember what we said about paperwork? The same thing applies to repairs: you will already have had someone check over your home for both a valuation and for any potential work that needs doing. The important thing is to make sure it goes done: do not put off that leaking gutter or broken window, while more serious structural problems will only hold up the mortgage process at the end of the process.

Hide during viewings

Once everything is in place, move yourself out of place. Research from Move with Us shows that six in 10 buyers prefer it if the owner of a home isn’t present during a viewing. After all, anything that makes a viewing go more smoothly will speed up the buying process. Once you make yourself scarce, rest assured: your work here is done.

Photo: Heresfordcat

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