Curb Appeal: Judging a book by its cover

Selling your house is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life, so it’s important to try and make the property sell quickly and for the right price. And as fabulous as your property may be indoors, the outside will make the first impression, and can put viewers off at the outset before they’ve even set foot through the door. Here are three absolute musts for getting the exterior ready.

Knock Knock

The front door is very important. If the paint is peeling or the uPVC looks grimy, wouldn’t that put you off? Even if you need to replace it altogether, it could be worth it in the long run. And the same goes for the door furniture; it needn’t cost a lot but can transform a tired looking door. Electric doorbells are notorious for going wrong, so if yours is broken and you don’t want the hassle of installing a new one, simply remove the box and add a door knocker instead. And be positive with your location and have the house number displayed prominently, either next to, or on the front door.

Paradise or Wasteland?

Whatever garden, drive or patio space there is at the front of your property, it needs to look fabulous. Having a properly landscaped front garden can give a much-needed facelift and it tells buyers you look after your property. You don’t need to hire professionals, as there is on-line garden design software, however it might be more cost effective to hire landscapers, as they have the ideas and knowhow. Colourful flowers and shrubs should be dotted around, without going overboard (unless you’re selling a country cottage). You can either add flower beds or, if the front is mainly paved, a lovely selection of pots and barrels can be very effective. To keep the weeding to a minimum, lay some mulch which can help with this. If you have gravel paths, you can relay them with something more interesting, like slate chippings. Water features are very on-trend and this will add some wow factor to your property. It doesn’t need to be a small lake; even a barrel pond with a couple of goldfish can look great. Water features attract wildlife, including birds, which is very appealing too.

Light Their Way

While it’s more usual for viewings to take place during daylight, it’s not always the case, so it’s worth investing in some attractive outdoor lighting. If you don’t want the bother and expense of installing wired lighting, you could opt for a good quality solar variety, which just stick into the ground. You’re inviting them right up to the front door.

While most sellers tend to concentrate on getting the interior of the property ready for viewers, it’s important to remember that many perspective buyers will judge a book by its cover.

Photo: Kaptain Kobold

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