Adding Curb Appeal To The House You Want To Sell


The home that has a really high curb appeal will bring in higher prices and will be sold much faster. Simple tasks like replacing the vinyl siding will not get the job done. Beautifying and maintenance tasks are those that will create a huge difference. What you should realize is that how the home looks when viewed from the street will potentially add thousands to overall value while drastically cutting selling time. The problem is that most homeowners do not actually know much about what increases curb appeal and what does not. This is why you should think about the following for instant curb appeal increase.

Washing The House’s Exterior

Before thinking about planting flowers or painting the exterior of the home, you want to wash away all the mildew and dirt that may be present. Any realtor knows that up to $15,000 can be added to a home’s selling price if the house is washed. If necessary, you can even rent a power washer to basically be able to showcase a home’s true color or the flagstone walkway. Do all that is necessary like hosing down downspouts and swiping eave cobwebs.

Freshen Up Paint Jobs

Sometimes all the washing you do is not enough since paint is just too old. If you instantly want to increase curb appeal you will want to sometimes consider freshening up through a good paint job. Obviously, this is something that is time consuming and expensive. You will end up having to spend $3,000 – $4,000 for a regular size house. Try to match paint with what is already present. The local paint store can easily do this for you. Do not try to make statements with colors since this can mark down house value in the eyes of appraisers.

Adding A Color Splash

While painting the entire house is generally a bad idea, adding just a color splash is quite great. Some color that stands out would be pleasing to the eye of the interested buyer. The great thing is that there are always some simple ways in which this can be done. You can, for instance, use services of providers like Doorcare to get your garage door stand out in a proper way.

Remember that you do not need to necessarily paint something. In fact, some of the best color splashes are natural. For instance, you can plant tulip borders that bloom during spring or create a flowerbed. Only if you are particularly daring you should paint your front door in bold colors like blue or red.

The Importance Of The Roof


Roof condition is something that is instantly noticed by both appraisers and interested buyers. Shingles that are faded, curled or missing will instantly lower curb appeal and house value. That is especially the case in the event that neighbors replaced or maintained roofs around the house that is to be sold. It is never too early to repair the roof when trying to increase a house’s curb appeal. This should be done fast.

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