A Guide to Selling A House As Is by Roy Dekel


Selling a house isn’t easy especially when multiple repairs are required. However, learning a few tips from Setschedule on selling house as is can be helpful.

When you are selling your home as is, it means you won’t be spending valuable time and money to renovate the property. Instead, you just list it on the market and buyers will handle the rest.

There are many reasons why people decide to sell un-renovated houses but the most common is inheritance. When you get an old house from your parents, you can decide to sell it off without worrying about the expensive repairs.

In this article, you’ll find useful information about the selling process along with the possible pitfalls to help you make the right decision on whether to sell the house in its current condition.

Listing the home with professional firms like Setschedule

When you are getting the house out there for buyers to see, it’s important that you specify that you are selling it as is. According to real estate experts like Roy Dekel of Setschedule, this is a great way of attracting buyers looking for good bargains and at the same time eliminated unsuitable prospects.

As a rule of thumb, a home listed as is warns the potential buyer that they’ll have to invest some more time and cash to make it perfect. Therefore, the price should clearly reflect this fact.

Disclosures when selling house as is: Advice from Roy Dekel

When you decide on selling a property as is, it doesn’t mean the obligation of revealing the present defects has been lifted. In fact, the law requires you to disclose as much information about the current condition to your buyers.

But with every rule, there is an exception. If the property in question is inherited, there is a high probability that you don’t know several issues about it. As such, Roy Dekel says the law can exempt you from property disclosure. However, if the buyer learns that you have deliberately withheld certain information, they can seek legal redress should something go wrong with the house.

But this doesn’t mean that you are required to report all the petty defects on the property. Basically, you are supposed to disclose issues like lead paint, flooding, and sinkholes.

Different states have different disclosure requirements. Therefore, it’s important to consult an expert through Setschedule if you are not certain about what to disclose in your locality.

Conducting the necessary property inspections

As the seller, you are not required to fix anything in the house. However, most sellers will conduct a thorough property inspection to help them understand what they are getting into.

If the inspection shows something that makes the buyer uncomfortable, they will walk away. In addition, the law requires you to share the inspection findings to any other buyer who shows interest in the house.

Selling a house as is can be a great idea when you need to offload quickly but it also has some downsides. For instance, most sellers will ask for compensations after an inspection and expect you to adjust the price accordingly.

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