5 Ideas for Putting Your Home on Sale


Many home sellers have an American Dream of a stress-free sale where they can list their houses, get a dependable buyer, and collect money before handing over the keys. However, the reality is that putting a home on sale encompasses a lot of moving parts, some of which you may easily control, but others will be out of your hand.

For instance, geography may determine how your home will linger on the market and how much mark-up you might get away with. Where the inventory is very low, the chances are, you will be able to sell your house fast and probably command a high price. Though this may not be enough to sell your home. You may also need to consider the below ideas:

     1.     Avoid Over Upgrades

A quick fix before selling your home will pay off. You will probably not get your investment back if you carry out a big improvement project before putting your home on the market. Rather than that, do some updates, which can get you top dollar.

For instance, you may apply a new coat of paint to the walls. You might also replace cabinet hardware, fix leaky faucets, and ensure closet doors are in pristine condition.

     2.     Do the Cleaning

Before opening doors for viewing, ensure you clean your home from top to bottom. This might include cleaning floors, especially if you hadn’t replaced them in years.

You can also steam clean your carpet to take care of lingering odors or dirt. It might be cheaper to handle the cleaning yourself, particularly if you want to keep the home in tip-top shape. However, hiring the best carpet cleaning Santa Monica services might take the load off when there is a lot on your plate.

     3.     Cut Tall Grasses

An artfully-manicured lawn is given an edge and might tell your buyers that you pay more attention to minor details. Usually, mowed lawns will make your yard look bigger, so ensure to cut grass in that pattern.

You may also want to use weed eaters and get them along the edge of your sidewalks and driveway.

     4.     Consult a Realtor Before Making a Video Tour

To that end, it can be a great idea to ask your realtor to create virtual tours of your house as part of the marketing strategies. Apart from pictures, most MLS sites may also allow agents to upload videos to listings.

A virtual tour can also enable potential buyers to have a feel of your home’s layout before they get to see it in person. This way, they will be able to determine if the house is a great fit or not.

     5.     Keep Pets off the Viewing Site

Although you may think your pets are adorable, it might not be the same case for some individuals. Potential buyers might be allergic, so ensure you confine your pets before the viewings.

Pets may also detract attention away from your home. Therefore, be sure to leave them with a family member or neighbor to allow homebuyers to concentrate on your property.

In Summary!

Selling your home might be more challenging than purchasing your first house. Apart from marketing and selling your house, you will also have to work out different financial options, not to mention timing things properly with the new home you want to relocate to.

It might be a lot to juggle, to say the least, but considering some of these ideas, if not all, would be a magnum opus.

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