Selling a house in Wolverhampton? Avoid these mistakes!

The housing market in Wolverhampton, and indeed through much of the rest of the UK, has continued to see some very positive movements over the past few months, and so it makes sense if you are looking to cash-in and sell your home now. However, the fact that the market is on the up doesn’t mean you should be complacent about the sale process. Buyers are a still little edgy now, especially with the ghost gazumping problem, so you don’t want to do anything that will add to their worry.

We will take a look at some common mistakes made by people, so you can avoid them and close the sale as quickly as possible.

Ignoring marketing

Yes the market is thriving but you won’t get anywhere if you don’t put in work to market you house. Putting up a sign at the front door and waiting for buyers to come trooping in is a strategy that won’t get you anywhere.

There are many avenues you can use to make your marketing easy.  The obvious first choice is getting an agent and using word of mouth. This combo is great, but in this current technological age, you don’t want to leave out any online marketing channel. Gumtree makes the job easy, as people are searching on the site by their thousands.  There are also other online places to go apart from Gumtree. You don’t have to stick to Rightmove and Primelocation. Put up ads on as many of places as you can and you will sell your home faster. After putting up the ads, you can drop links to the ad on social media to further expand the number of eyeballs it will draw in.

Doing things alone

Putting up ads and getting a few enquiries doesn’t automatically make you a good house-seller.  Nothing beats the knowledge offered by a reputable estate agent. There are many such agents to choose from. Don’t just choose the agent you used for your rental. Actually find out about them.

How many homes do they sell? How many people do they have looking for your kind of house at the moment?

An agent can provide you with advice in a number of areas, including the right price to ask for your house, so you will want them to be good at their jobs. With the added help, you may also not have to worry about viewing appointments with every single potential buyer; they will do that for you!

Not completing repairs

Even in this current climate, most buyers will be put off by a house that has the gutter full of moss, or holes in the plaster. Even something supposedly as simple as loose towel rails or broken door knobs can hinder you from getting an early sale.  An easy way around this is to put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer and move around your home while taking notes of concerns in every corner of the house. Repair what you see and you will sell your home much faster.

Being sentimental about things

If you have a particular taste in interior design, do not expect everyone to have the same taste as you. When potential buyers come knocking, they may complain about the colour of the house, the lighting and other such things. You must be open to repainting rooms, or changing the light fittings if you are struggling with closing the sale. Obviously you can’t keep repainting the house with every enquiry but you should be able to understand that you need to sever any emotional ties you may have with your house. It is about them not you.

Try and make each space have a specific function. This will improve your chances of a sale too. People are put off by rooms that are not clearly a dining room, an office, a bedroom or a garage.

Selling a house is about making the place as appealing as possible to the people that have the money to buy it. Take some advice, and read some guides online, and you will soon be an expert on the subject.

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