How do I sell my home while still living there?

Even a fresh lick of paint can make a room feel new

With confidence down in some European countries post-recession, a lot of sellers have decided to return to their home nations or sell up their second homes. But while we have covered how to sell homes when you are not there, it can be equally tricky to sell the home you live in.

Here are four simple tips to sell your home while still living there:

1. Clean as you go

This may sound obvious, but nobody likes a messy home. This is especially true of house hunters, who need to be able to picture themselves living in a property, something that is very hard to do if someone else’s mess is everywhere.

Cleaning as you go will not get rid of the furniture, but it will mean you are ready for anyone coming to view your home. People will expect to look in the cupboards, in the drawers, in the closet under the stairs: making sure everything is decluttered could be the difference between a good first impression and a hasty farewell.

The fact that you get to leave in a clean home is a bonus.

2. Plan ahead

If you are actively trying to sell your home, you are most likely expecting to move very soon as well. This means one thing: boxes. Plan ahead of your move by starting to pack non-essential items away, from photos of family and friends to unused bric-a-brac. When people come to view your property, even at short notice, they will find it easier to imagine living their themselves – without pictures of strangers to ruin the effect – and if that helps them to sign on the dotted line quicker, you know you are already ready to move anyway.

3. Paint the walls

A lick of paint can make a surprising amount of difference to a home. A bright, new colour in the living room can give things a fresh vibe, while even retouching a front door can improve a buyer’s first impression by making things appear less lived-in. On the plus side, you then get to enjoy the positive atmosphere before it wins over someone else.

4. Arrange viewings in advance

Once you have undertaken the above measures, you are prepared for a property vieiwng, even at short notice. That does not mean, though, that you should be inconvenienced by those who do come to see your home: be sure to ask house hunters for notice so that you have plenty of advance warning. This will ensure that you can more efficiently manage the selling of your home – and continue to have a social life.

Photo: Zizzy

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