5 Ways To Make Your Open House More Memorable


Are you preparing to sell your house? Does the idea of an open house seem daunting? It is important to make your home look as appealing as possible to attract potential buyers. Read on to discover a few tips and tricks that’ll make your open house more memorable – your house will be sold in no time.

Take Advantage of New Technology
Do you have Snapchat? Have you seen and used the cool new geofilters? Did you know that you could have your very own? Make your open house unique and exciting with a personalized Snapchat filter to mark the event. Creating it from scratch can be very challenging if you aren’t familiar with graphic design. However, Custom Filterz have made this process very easy for you! Simply tell them about the design you have in mind and they will do the rest for you. Not only will your open house be featured on social media, you will have photos that will last a lifetime and remind you of this remarkable time in your life. There is no better way to create a personal experience!

Personal objects and keepsakes are the things that make your home special to you, but potential buyers are unlikely to have the same appreciation. Viewers are interested in the space and want to picture themselves making it their own. Clear out any unnecessary clutter to make your house clear and simple. Comfort buyers with the illusion of an easy move-in and don’t put them off with a cluttered, unappealing mess.

Interact with Your Viewers

It can be easy to let viewers wander in to your house and leave after seeing all the rooms. Although this may be enough to encourage some, you are more likely to make a sale if you speak to the viewers and tell them about your own experiences living there. Point out features of the house that make it great for events and family dinners. Is there a particular spot for the family pet to sleep? It is worthwhile mentioning whether the house is easily-accessible to the local shops, too. Putting your viewers in the picture will help them to imagine their new life in your humble abode.

Hire a Food Truck
Draw attention to any passersby with a food truck parked in the driveway. This will benefit you greatly. Not only will your viewers stick around as they won’t need to leave for food, it is also a great non-intimidating icebreaker when it comes to initiating conversation about your property. If hiring a food truck is a bit out of your price range, make sure that you have plenty of snacks available as these will have the same effect.

Tie It In With a Charity Event
If you are passionate about a particular charity, consider using your open house to promote it and raise money for a good cause. Designate a section of your house to this charity – but don’t make viewers feel pressured. Leave some leaflets out and a donation sheet.

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