4 Sales-Sabotaging Mistakes Homeowners Make (And How to Avoid Them)

So you want to sell. A seemingly straightforward goal with lots of complicated steps lingering beneath the surface. How much is your home worth? Is it worth remodeling before putting it on the market? Do you have the time and energy necessary to power through a growing stack of tedious paperwork?

Luckily, prepping your home for the housing market doesn’t have to drain your already-limited energy supply. Some quick repairs, a fresh coat or two of paint, and having a realtor or agent at your beck and call should help you streamline the process and keep home-selling anguish to a minimum. 

For those homeowners crossing their fingers for a quick sale, a clean, uncluttered home helps potential buyers imagine their furniture in the space. Note that neutral colors often appeal to the broadest range of buyers. That said, with a few paint rollers and dingy t-shirts, you’ll increase your prospective buyer pool tenfold. 

Then, at last, after all your hard work— success! Your home is actually on the market. But how long should it stay there? Of course, the best-case scenario would be that a prospective buyer places an offer right away. However, if requests to see the home start slowing, and your realtor or agent has nothing new to report, it may be a sign that your house has been on the market too long. 

Unfortunately, the time your home has been on the market may be warding off potential buyers, bombarded with thoughts of “What’s wrong with it?” and “Why hasn’t it sold yet?” Addressing these concerns in rapid succession can exhaust any seller ill-equipped to relieve buyers’ doubts. 

With you trying everything in your power to roll out the welcome mat, you may not have considered the sales-jeopardizing (and poorly paying tenants) seeking refuge in your family home. Mice, insects, and other pests in a home are a massive deterrent for buyers looking to place an offer. Wondering why your home sale is at a standstill? Here are some ideas on why your home may not be selling: 

Not treating infestations before your home hits the market

Pesky rodents and insects scurrying around your living spaces can pose a seemingly impossible challenge. After all, no one wants to purchase a home where creepy crawlers have already taken up residence. Besides posing a massive damage hazard to the property, pests can drive away potential buyers of your home, adding more chaos to an already stressful process. Therefore, the best course of action is to call a local pest control company, where experts can help eradicate your current pest problem and ensure that no unwanted house guests set up camp in your luxurious living areas. 

Your home is overpriced

If you price your home too high, the inflated price tag will drive potential buyers away. If you find your property gathering dust on the housing market, look within and ask yourself if your emotional attachment to the home has contributed to your asking price. If so, verify that your asking price aligns with similar properties in your area. To so, refer to the local listings to land on a total that frugal buyers can rationalize. 

Not making necessary repairs

Are you a chronic procrastinator? If so, it’s time to adopt a no-time-like-the-present mentality and tackle the problems you’ve always meant to fix. Besides being a possible liability, leaky faucets, peeling paint, and cracked walls are enticing to no aspiring homeowner. Remember, seeing a home in tip-top shape is more appealing to buyers and makes them more confident in their purchase. 

Lurking during showings

Having the original owner present while touring a home can be off-putting. During these home tours, buyers attempt to imagine what it would be like to spend their day-to-day lives on the property. When they catch you in your peripherals, it can disrupt their daydream fantasies of kicking their feet up on their recliner or hosting a glamorous themed dinner party. Not to mention, it’s a bit awkward. With these sales-sabotaging effects in mind, let buyers tour the home solo or with your realtor or agent. 

Wrap up
Selling a home can seem a daunting process. However, by making sure your house is market-ready, priced well, and above all, pest-free, you’ll have your home off the market in a flash. 

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