4 Effective Steps To An Unbeatable Real Estate Marketing Strategy


Making a name for yourself as a real estate agent is not just something that happens. In fact, many individuals who thought it would be easy money quickly realized that selling and managing property is a tough field to master. And if you don’t have all your ducks in a row, your success will be limited.  

Now, a big part of success for realtors – which is also true for any type of business model – would be their marketing campaigns. More specifically, those that market themselves effectively will create more opportunities for themselves. And more opportunities eventually lead to growth and development.

To help you reach your goals as a realtor, here are 4 effective steps to an unbeatable real estate marketing strategy from 3cre.com.

1. Study Your Target Market

Everyone can agree that realtors are selling a service, and it goes without saying that their extensive services should be the focal point for the marketing strategy. But there is a good reason why some campaigns flourish and others fall flat on their face.

A mistake new realtors tend to make is to jump into their role without really getting to know their target market first. Just like people expect Nike to produce high-quality sportswear, they expect realtors to find them the right house. However, it’s not just about selling houses. For example, are you more interested in commercial or residential properties? What type of areas are you going to focus on and what type of people are most likely to consider buying a property there?

The more you know about the people you are selling to, the less you have to spend on marketing. But the best part is that you’ll see an increase in your investment as well, which is considered a win/win situation. But it will require effort from you to study the listings you have, along with the characteristics of potential buyers.  

2. Start Networking And Building Connections

Companies don’t just get established overnight. Instead, it takes years and years of consistency to really settle into any kind of market these days, and real estate is no exception. In order to expand your reach and make your marketing strategy as effective as it can be, it is recommended to network and communicate. Get your name out there and make people aware you are the agent they should be using. Because not only will networking give you deeper insight into your target market, but creating awareness is very important.

Another fact to consider, which happens to be a consequence of effective networking, is the referrals it can ultimately lead to. People sharing and making suggestions to friends can be a powerful source for any realtor building a professional career. Remember, this is the type of work that involves a lot of human interaction and clear communication. This means your attitude, approach, and after-sales care is important variables in your overall marketing strategy.

For instance, following up after helping a client to buy a new home several months later can motivate them to recommend you to a friend. Or, they might go on to buy a second property from you, just because you took the time to make sure they were happy with their purchase.   

3. Launch A Digital Marketing Campaign

When you hear the word marketing these days, you automatically think about the internet. Thanks to the affordability, instant access, and extensive reach, it’s a good thing if you made this automatic connection.

Creating a website and optimizing it with content, running PPC ads, building email lists, social media marketing, link building, these are just some of the channels you can use to spread the word and sell your services as a realtor. With an entity as big as the internet, it would be ignorant not to tap into the very affordable resources. Plus, there is no better way to brand your real estate image than through solid digital marketing strategies.

4. Go To Your Clients

Selling property is a business like any other, except, you can’t always wait for clients to find you. Some deals will require you finding sources where potential buyers can possibly be present. For example, joining a forum where investors give and share advice about investing in commercial property. And instead of jumping in with your listing, pay attention to the topics of the forums. The point is to add something informative to the discussion and hopefully attract the attention of an investor. Keep in mind that no matter where you decide to build your reputation, there will be established realtors around you, and they already have their roots within the community. In other words, expect competition and several challenges along the way.


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