When Is the Best Time to Sell a Home?


Every year, more than 5 million Americans make the decision to sell their homes. Some do it to relocate to a better area or a better home, while others do it to downsize or to get rid of a home they can’t afford anymore.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, you should not attempt to do it in January or February. Studies have shown that those two months are the worst two months to try and sell a house.

Instead, you should find the best time to sell a home and put your house up on the market then. Generally speaking, April, May, and June are the three best months to sell a house.

Take a look at a few reasons why spring is the ideal time to sell a home.

More Buyers in the Market for a Home

If you choose to try and sell your home in the winter or summer, you’re going to find that there aren’t as many people out shopping for homes during those times.

In the winter, it’s too cold in many parts of the country for people to spend long hours walking through homes. They’re also less likely to drive around looking at homes that just hit the market when it’s freezing outside.

In the summer, it’s often so nice outside that the last thing people want to do is spend their days house shopping. They would prefer to sit by the pool or go away on vacation.

But in the springtime, people will find almost any excuse to get outside and soak up some sun after being stuck inside all winter long. They’re more than happy to attend an open house or go and check out a bunch of homes that are for sale.

It’s so much more convenient for people to shop for homes in the spring, which is why you’ll find so many more buyers in the market for a home throughout the season.

You can use this to your advantage when you’re thinking about selling your home. Selling in the spring will cast a wider net and put your home in front of more people’s faces, thus increasing the chances of you getting top dollar for it.

More Sellers Putting Their Homes Up for Sale

One of the reasons why people sometimes shy away from selling their homes in the spring is because of all the competition that they face. At this point, most people know that the best time to sell a home is the spring—and so almost everyone puts their home up for sale during the season.

You might be under the impression that this will be a bad thing for you. But in reality, some healthy competition is good, especially when it comes to selling houses.

When there aren’t any homes up for sale in your area in the winter or summer, it can be difficult pricing your home. You won’t be able to compare other home prices in your city or town to come up with the right price for your house.

That won’t be an issue at all in the spring. There will be plenty of comparables on the market that will help you price your home accurately.

You will have to market your home effectively to make it stand out in the spring. But as long as you’re able to do it, you can benefit from selling your house in the spring in a big way.

Longer Days and More Opportunities to Show Homes

In the winter, the sun will usually go down sometime between 5 and 5:30 p.m. This can work against you when you’re trying to sell your home.

Many homebuyers will ask to see homes that are for sale after they’re finished with work. And unfortunately, this means that they’re going to have to come and see your home when it’s already dark out in most cases.

This won’t be a problem that you’ll have to deal with during the spring. It starts to get darker later and later at night every day, which will open up more opportunities for you to show your home in the sunlight.

Easier to Improve the Curb Appeal of Homes

When you’re in the process of trying to sell a home, it’s a good idea to improve your house’s curb appeal. You want to make a great first impression on people when they come to see your house for the first time.

There are tons of different ways for you to give your curb appeal a boost. You can:

  • Paint your front door
  • Put in new windows
  • Rip out old flowers and plants and replace them with new ones
  • Power wash your siding
  • Hang up a new mailbox or a porch swing

The problem, though, is that it’s difficult to do these things in the winter. Just imagine trying to redesign your landscaping when the ground is frozen solid.

When you wait to sell your home in the spring, you can avoid the complications of trying to improve curb appeal in the winter. You can make your house look so much better and boost your chances of selling it.

Curb appeal is one of the most important aspects of selling a home. Don’t give up the opportunity to improve your curb appeal by opting to sell your home in the winter instead of the spring.

Spring Is Almost Always the Best Time to Sell a Home

Your house is likely the most valuable asset that you own. Therefore, you should make sure that you find the best time to sell a home before you put it on the market.

Time and time again, home sellers have found that they can bring in bigger offers by selling their houses in the spring. They’ve also found that showing their homes to buyers in the spring is much easier to do than showing them in the winter or even the summer.

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