What to Look for in a Flooring Store When Renovating Your Home for Sale


Selling the home you live in is no easy endeavor, but if you’ve been living there any number of years, getting it ready for sale may seem like an insurmountable task. Bear in mind that the nicer you can get your house looking, the easier and quicker it will sell. Just make sure not to over improve it! One of the main concerns both sellers and buyers have is the flooring in the home. This is something, that while serviceable, you want to look nice and above all, clean. If you are looking for a flooring store that has reasonable prices with a wide range of flooring to choose from, there are some things you can look for when deciding where to shop.

Choosing Between Online and Local Flooring Stores

While you can shop online for flooring, you may want to find a store that also has a physical local storefront. There are a number of reasons for this, but primarily, you might like to go in and browse through their product lines. For example, Ellegant Home Design is both an online vendor and a flooring store with a physical location at 1002 W. Dundee Rd. in Arlington Heights, Illinois. It is possible to go in to get a ‘hands on’ feel of the different types of flooring they have for sale and while you are there you could speak with a flooring specialist who could help you decide which type is best suited for your purposes.

On the other hand, what happens if you are at home making up your mind and aren’t quite sure which product would work best in the room or rooms you are going to re-floor. If you can’t quite remember what a certain type looks like or the cost involved, it helps to be able to quickly go online to refresh your memory. Once you have decided you then have the choice of ordering online for delivery or going in with your own truck to pick up the flooring you’ve ordered.

Knowledgeable Sales Staff

How many times have you gone into a store of any kind only to find that the sales personnel know less about their products than you do? It happens quite often in any type of store and when you are looking at what could be a fairly hefty expense, even if the flooring is extremely reasonable or discounted, you are still looking at a good-size investment. You may have questions about the subfloor and whether or not it will accommodate the type of flooring you are going to install.

Then, you may want an opinion based on the layout of the room and whether or not your choice will work well with flooring that will remain as is in other rooms. It is suggested that you bring a diagram of the room/s with you and even a photo or two would be nice. You will know right away if the flooring specialist you are working with is a real flooring professional or just a high powered salesman. Believe it or not, it happens all the time so that unsuspecting patrons end up buying products that just won’t work. Before making your final purchase, discuss any and all questions you might have.

Do They Offer Installation?

One last thing you probably should consider is whether or not you feel you are up to the task of installation. Some homeowners who are going to sell their home ‘By Owner’ also feel they can do the renovations themselves. There is actually an art to laying flooring so that it fits well, is seated correctly and will be water-tight to protect the floorboards and subfloor beneath it.

At this point you just might want to check on the availability of installation services. This is another good reason to shop from a local flooring store. You might get a good deal on flooring made in China, but it is highly doubtful you will get an installer along with the purchase. It is not easy to find a professional flooring installer who does freelance work, so if you have any doubts whatsoever that you will be able to do the work yourself, shop from a flooring store that has an installation service.

One final point should be made here. A local store with a crew that installs their products will most likely be much better at taking accurate measurements. Once you’ve decided on the flooring you want, the installer can come out, take the measurements and advise you on any extras you might need to get the job done right. Only then should you make your purchase. Finding the right flooring store is just as important as finding the right flooring. Be selective and you will add that value and appeal you are looking for when it comes time to sell your home.

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