The Process Of Selling Your House

If you’ve ever sold a house you’ll know it can be daunting, to say the least. Selling a house is usually high up on anyone’s list of top most stressful things to do, and several aspects of moving home (mortgaging, a change in financial position, change of residence, change of schools, workplace, living conditions) feature high in the seminal Holmes and Rahe (1967) Stress Scale. The hoops you have to jump through to finalize a sale are overwhelming; no wonder so many sellers vow never to do it again!


To sell your house through a traditional real estate agent you’re going to have to do some work to start with. Estate agents and prospective buyers notice all those little bits of wear and tear that we’ve gotten used to. They’ll get surveyors in to notice all the other little things too; the loose nail, the creaky floorboard, all the little idiosyncrasies that don’t really bother you. If you want to sell through a real estate agent you’re going to have to fix it up, clean it up, paint it in the neutral colors they tell you to sell the best. It’s all effort, and it can cost you a lot of money, right when you’re trying to afford somewhere else to live. Not only do you have to make your home an attractive place to buy, you have to keep it that way! You should be able to welcome prospective buyers into a clean and fragrant home at a moment’s notice. Not so easy, especially if there are rambunctious children, soggy dogs, and dishes that haven’t quite gotten washed yet. Not only do you have to be ready for genuine prospective buyers, you also have to be available – and polite – to the time-wasters, nosy neighbors, and people who are ‘not really looking to buy right now, just seeing what’s out there’. It’s all pretty frustrating.


Even when you’ve found a seller, it can take months of mortgage arrangements, surveys, negotiations and all the legal wranglings just to get an exchange date. You need a real estate lawyer you trust, and you need them to communicate with your buyer’s lawyer. Your priorities and timescales are different from those of all the professionals involved in a house sale, which means you can wind up making seemingly endless phone calls just to try and push things along at a reasonable pace. That means months more mortgage payments for you, more tax, more bills, more stress. And there’s no guarantee that it’ll go through; you might end up starting from scratch a couple of months in. Talk to anyone who’s sold a house and you’ll hear horror stories about demanding buyers, tardy lawyers, last-minute withdrawals and whole chains of house sales falling through because of one weak link. There are many reasons that you might need a quick sale – not just the negatives like a relationship breakdown, debt, or a change in health or social care needs, but the positives – a quick relocation for an exciting new job opportunity, moving into a new home with a partner, or just looking to make some cash.

That’s why more and more people are turning to instant cash house buying companies for hassle-free selling such as a company I recently saw that had the sign saying we buy houses Dallas on it. These companies may pay a little less than the full potential market value, but when you factor in the amount you pay for agents, the cost in time and effort, and the cost of making your house attractive to the public, it’s a fair and competitive price. It’s a near-instant cash sale, money in the bank without a parade of buyers and demands. No months of extra payments and maintenance, no jumping through hoops. If you go through a dedicated cash home-buying company, there’s no need to make expensive repairs or redecorations. With a renovation business cash buyer, there’s no risk of everything falling through at the last minute. You know you’re going to be dealing with a reputable team of experienced, professional property buyers.

Going forward, you can be sure that your old home is in good hands; our plan is to make pre-loved homes saleable and beautiful. We take away the stress, we offer you a fair price, and we make a little profit on the way. No more worries when you’re trying to sell a house, no more cans of neutral colors, no endless parade of strangers judging your curtains… Leave all that to us; get a fair price, a clear up-front contract, and a quick sale. It’s in our best interests as well as yours for everything to go smoothly. It’s what we do; we’re a team of professional property buyers with a passion for making things easy for our sellers, with the money behind us to make a genuine and fair cash offer, the expertise to manage property renovations, and the time to make the right sale in the end. Our experience means we know exactly what a seller needs to smooth their path to a successful sale. That’s clear from the testimonials of our past happy clients. We’ll sort out that loose nail and that creaky floorboard, so you can leave your old house in the past and look to your future.

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