Selling your House is simple and Quick, Just Find the Right Agency to do your Work


Whenever you have the thought, “I need to sell my house”, the thought is accompanied by a zillion thoughts of the tasks that will have to be done to sell the house fast for cash.

Undoubtedly, selling a house involves so many tasks like:

Taking leaves from work to do the tasks

Getting the repairs done

Finding buyers

Adjusting cash

Agreeing to the buyer’s terms and then accommodating to them

Well, that is a lot of work.

But hang on, if you are smart enough, you will look for a competent and professional agency like Greater Houston Houses and leave the entire job to them.

What do these agencies do?

Agencies like Greater Houston Houses, ensure that all the smaller tasks that ultimately lead to the selling of the house fast are done in a very systematic manner. The benefits you will get include:

Reviewing of the house thoroughly

Making an exact market evaluation of the house

Buying of the house within a period of five days

Paying you in cash

Taking care of any mortgages that you may still owe to the banks

How does the process work?

This is how the process works:

First thing you do is contact the agency and tell them about your requirements

Meet with the experienced and professional personnel of the agency

When all is settled between you and the agency, get set to make the final contract

Closing the deal happens when you get your cash in person or send in your representatives, that is, the title company that you may have hired

Will you get cash from the sell?

Absolutely, the whole process moves towards selling the house for 100% cash. Also, your house could be in whatever condition, broken, needs repairs, flooded or any other condition, you can sell your house in the condition it is in.

Thus, this procedure not only saves a lot of money but time too; not to mention all that stress that is involved with self- selling can be done away with. The best part is that there are no extra charges to be paid or commission to be given. Just tell the buying agency that you need to sell your house and they will do the job.

Are there any government permissions to be taken?

There is no need to take permission from anywhere or anybody. No banks or government agencies are involved in buying process. It is purely between you and the agency, all you have to do is inform the buying agency and the rest will be done by them.

No approval, no inspection, no survey—just selling of your house and collecting cash in return.

Is the process trustworthy?

The process is absolutely trustworthy. You can go online and check the testimonials of the previous sellers—that itself will tell you and confirm to you about the authentication of the process.

An agency like Greater Houston Houses is different from a real estate agent as the real estate agent will put up your house for sale. It is only when a buyer comes forward that your house will be sold, which could take months. Plus, you cannot sell your house in the condition it is in, you will have to make it presentable and in working condition, which will involve expenditure. Plus, the real estate agent will charge commission on the sale price.

On the other hand, an agency like Greater Houston Houses will buy the house as it is, ask for no commission and will immediately buy your house in cash. So, when you think of, “I need to sell my house, think of a similar agency.

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