Rules in Communication When Selling Your Home


Just as there are some etiquette rules every home seller should know, there are very important rules in communication that make the sale process easier. Not that they are written somewhere in a special rule book, but there are indeed some guidelines that can help you nail the deal without delays. This is an essential part of selling your home especially as no home seller wants to get less than the market value for his or her home, or encounter delays. Even when buying a house, communication is still an integral part of getting a fair deal. Here are some things to consider:

Why Communication is Important When Selling Your Home

Although you have to make the decision about selling your home, when it comes to execution, there are several parties involved. A standard home sale chain may be more complicated that you realize. You are selling to a buyer who may have links to a solicitor, an estate agent and a financial advisor to help with the buyer’s purchase financing options. You, on the other hand, may also be linked to an agent and so on.

This goes to show that for the sale to actually take place, there are various aspects that need attention. Communication is therefore important to ensure things go smoothly. You might be unaware that the mortgage company needs some more information from you or that an aspect of your sale which you think is being sorted out, really isn’t.

In addition, you need to ensure that you know what is going on at every stage of the sale process. Although you may have professionals to help you with various aspects, you should place calls from time to time if you do not hear anything for a while to be sure that there are no loopholes.

Communication with Your Agent

Fundamentally, you need to be honest with your agent about the condition of your property to help them better represent your interests and market your home to best advantage. According to experts here, a qualified agent is, based on professional codes of conduct and ethics, expected to keep your sensitive information confidential. You should, therefore, be open about information that can help them be effective. For example, if you need to sell very quickly for certain personal reasons, keeping them in the know can help them achieve your goal. If you need to sell your house quickly visit the Property Cash Buyers at

It is also important to note that communication is not one-sided. Once you are ready to sell and you have a showing, you should listen to feedback from buyers and their agents. Placing your property on the open market with the hope that you will sell it on time requires you to keep an open mind, take constructive criticism, or unpleasant but true comments from buyers into consideration, and make adjustments where necessary.

This may mean that you need to adjust your price or have some additional repairs done on your property. The bottom line is to be flexible and not take feedback too personally.

Selling Internationally

When it comes to selling property to an international audience, it’s important to ensure that potential overseas buyers who may be from abroad appreciate the location benefits of a home. Real estate agents and owners need to be able to communicate how the housing market has performed, potential exit strategies and why the location is a great place to buy. Investors from European countries including France, Spain, Italy and the UK will need to know the best time to buy in the local market. They will also be very conscious of exchange rate fluctuations and communicating these will help reassure them that its the best to time to buy a home.

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