Make Ready vs. Maintenance Cleaning


Make Ready vs. Maintenance Cleaning and Why 

You and your family are finally ready to sell your house and move in to the dream home you have been eyeing for quite some time. What’s the next step? It is time to contact a professional house cleaning service and ask them to do a make ready cleaning. A make ready cleaning is a key term in the cleaning industry for a deep clean. Usually the house is vacant for this type of clean. We will discuss the importance for this clean and maintenance cleaning in this article.

Make Ready Cleaning

When potential clients are touring your home they will look at all the little details. The make ready cleaning is essential to selling your home in a timely matter. That is why things such as a clean fridge, spotless oven and flawless cabinets and drawers will be essential making that wow factor. Imagine being a client and touring homes and opening the fridge to mold or the oven to grease and grim. It is definitely not a great look and first impressions mean everything when you are trying to sell your home. When you are selling your home you need to go above and beyond in all categories. Some of the things you need to clean or consider cleaning are: window washing, steam cleaning carpets, window tracks, inside all cabinets and drawers, inside oven and inside fridge. These are all areas that could be a make or break for a potential client.  

Empty home with a completed make ready clean. 

Maintenance Cleaning

If your home is occupied then it will need to be refreshed or maintenance cleaned more frequently than an empty home. The rule of thumb is for an empty or vacant home that is refreshed cleaned at minimum every two weeks. Suppose you have an open house every weekend that ensures that it is maintained well enough for each visit of potential customers. If you currently live in your home and are trying to sell it then it is highly recommended that you have your house professionally cleaned before every open house. Why is there such a drastic difference? Well…once the house is empty and just has casual foot traffic throughout every week. On the other end you live in the house and create messes everyday. If you are serious about selling your home then you should frequently have your home professionally cleaned.

Some supplies you might find handy during a maintenance clean.

Make Ready vs. Maintenance

You might be wondering what is the difference between a make ready clean and maintenance clean. A make ready clean always comes first. Once the make ready clean is completed than you can begin to have maintenance cleans. The difference between the make ready and the maintenance is that in the make ready clean the cleaners will clean inside the oven, inside the fridge and inside the cabinets and drawers. Once these hard parts are finished it will be easier for the company to come back and re-clean the surfaces. If you use the same company for all of the cleans you will be able to save money. The refresh clean should be a quick re touch and about half the price of the make ready. If it is not then it is time to renegotiate with your house cleaning service.  

Saves Time

When you are under tremendous stress searching for your new home you do need the added stress of cleaning your home. You already work 40+ hours a week and have a family. That is plenty to handle. Save the time and have your home professionally cleaned so you do not have to stress.

Saves Money

You are probably wondering how having your home cleaned when selling saves money. The truth is people will not buy ugly or dirty homes. You will sell your home on average at least twice as fast as those that do not have their home properly cleaned. This saves tremendous amounts of money on holding costs. Paying for two mortgages at once is brutal and is not recommended by anyone.

Charge More

Not only does paying a professional service save you money by freeing up you time and allowing you to focus on what you truly love, but it also allows you to charge more for your home. Find a professional company that guarantees their work and does a great job. By doing a great job on the clean you will wow customers and be able to charge more for your home. After all you did spend the extra money cleaning it properly.


It is highly recommended that you initially have your home deep cleaned. Having shiny appliances and your home free of cobwebs will connect customers and have a higher chance at selling the property. Do not forget that once you have had your home deep cleaned either by yourself or a house cleaning service, you are not finished until you sell your home. You need to regularly and frequently clean your home in order to sell it. It is preferred that you clean it before every showing to ensure maximum potential of sale.

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