How to Sell Your Home as Quickly as Possible


One of the problems with selling a property these days is the waiting. Listing your home can be quick, but actually selling it can take months. Some homes stay on the market for years. If you’re not as concerned about the price you get for your home, but are more interested in simply selling it as quickly as possible, this article is for you. We’re going to look at some tips you could use to sell your home much more quickly.

Reduce the asking price

There’s a reason many houses stay on the market for far longer than they should — they’re too expensive. You might not like it, but the number one way to sell your home quickly is to reduce the price.

You have to decide if you’re more bothered about making as much as you possibly can or if you want to sell fast. If you want a good price, then by all means sit and wait for the right offer. But if you really want to sell quickly, then reduce what you’re asking for it. Any home will sell quickly — you just have to find the right price.

Set an immediate offer date

It might be possible to actually list an offer date with your sale. This kind of sale asks for offers before a certain date and then accepts the best offer on the table. It helps give potential buyers a bit of a push into making a decision on your property as they know it’s a time-limited deal.

List on multiple sites and with multiple realtors

While many realtors will ask you to agree to an exclusive deal with them, don’t. While this might be fine if you’re willing to wait for a good price, that’s not why you’re looking at this article. You want as many different realtors working for your property as possible. Some agents will only list your property on certain sites — you want yours on all of them.

If you find a listing site that doesn’t have your home on it, list it yourself. You want the maximum amount of people possible to view your property.

Host open days


This is another great way to get more people in and around your house quickly. Host an open day — or more than one if you can. Make sure your home is nice and clean and presentable, and offer some snacks and drinks to lighten the mood. Some people will just come for the free food or to be nosy — and that’s ok. The more people you can get in and around your house, the higher chance someone’s going to buy it.

Tell everyone

While those real estate sites are great, they’re not the only way to let people know about your property. If you’re looking to sell quickly, make sure people know about it. Become a personal assistant for your property sale and tell everyone about it. Tell friends, family, work colleagues and complete strangers. Print out flyers and sign-post your sale. Make sure the whole neighbourhood knows.

Hopefully these tips could put you in the right direction if you’re looking to sell your home quickly. For more information on a how to sell a new home quickly with the help of experts, check out this new home builder guide.

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