How to Give Your Home Curb Appeal When You Want to Sell


When you want to sell your home, you do not want people taking a look at the outside and driving away because it does not appear appealing. The outside of your home has to be attractive to make them want to look inside, in fact, it has to have curb appeal. Here are just a few tips to help you achieve the desired effect.

Front and Garage Doors

You need to make sure that your front door and garage doors do not have peeling paint and fittings that are old and rusty. If this is the case, strip them back to their basic material, fill in any cracks or holes, prime them, and give them a new fresh appearance with a couple of coats of paint. Take the door furniture off before you start and give it a good clean and polish before refitting them. If they do not come up like new, replace them with nice shiny ones, as this will enhance the entrance to your home.

If your front door has a porch, it needs the same treatment to ensure that your entranceway looks good from the road.

Good Driveways Are Important

It can be very off-putting if your driveways are potted with holes and this will deter people from looking any closer. It is well worth investing some cash with a company such as Richfield Blacktop who have the experience needed to make your drive look good at competitive prices.

The last thing you want is a prospective purchaser falling and hurting themselves because your driveways are uneven or have holes in them.

If the driveways are in a reasonable condition but looking a bit aged, give them a good clean with a jet washer and make sure there are no weeds sprouting up through them.

Lawns and Hedges May Need A Little Work

Spend some time trimming all the hedges and mowing the lawns so that any garden on the front of your home looks the part. Weed the flower beds and make sure that there are no branches sticking out that could scratch someone as they walk past. 

It can be surprising what a big difference a well-tended garden can make to the outside of your home and once you have done this, keeping it looking good should just take a short time each week.

Stand Back and Take a look

Once you have done these things, make a point of going to the roadside and taking a look at your home. Is there anything else that could deter people from viewing it internally? Are there loose roof tiles, for instance, or do the windows or brickwork need some attention? Is the guttering overflowing, causing water to run down the walls? Do any fences need sprucing up with a coat of paint or preservative? None of these are major jobs but put right, they could make your home much more attractive to people who want to buy.

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