How do sell my home in autumn?


As the sky becomes clouded and the nights get darker, there is little doubt that summer has departed and autumn has arrived. With it, though, comes a wave of positive light for the housing market: as people return to their normal routines after holidays away, buyers resume their house-hunting. 

Activity and demand for homes is always higher during the September and October months, as buyers are keen to complete a move before the end of the year. For sellers, the chance to seal the deal before the year is out is equally important. While now is the perfect time to market your home, though, many other sellers will think the same thing, which means that you will face a lot of competition. It is therefore important to stand out from the crowd. 

Here are five tips to find a buyer for your home in autumn:

1. Make the most of the weather

Summer may have gone, but the sunlight is still here: make the most of it while you can. Keep your curtains open, polish the wooden furniture, buy some orange flowers, consider a lick of yellow paint to highlight the vivid autumnal colours. When you attract a buyer, arrange to give them a tour during the daytime or early evening, when the setting sun will complete the housewarming effect.

2. Examine the windows

As the climate changes outside, you may find traces of it inside in the form of damp. Warm, musty conditions can cause it to spread through your home, particularly around old window frames, which may be letting moist in through the cracks. Examine your windows to see if they need resealing; mould is one of the biggest turn-offs to a buyer when viewing a property.

3. Mow the lawn

With the sun still lingering, autumn can be a great time for BBQs, particularly if people are celebrating moving into their new home. Make sure that your green space out back is up to scratch. Tidy away the toys left by the kids, mow the lawn, change the bins and sweep the patio; if your yard looks appealing enough, a buyer may well snap up your home just to be ready for next summer.

4. Watch out for mud

With buyers traipsing in and out of your perfectly presented garden, there is one other potential obstacle to selling your home: mud. Dirt can easily be brought in from outside, especially if it is a rainy October afternoon. If this is not dealt with swiftly and correctly, you could find yourself with unappealing dark patches on the floor, which will only distract viewers from your home’s best qualities.

5. Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate

In a crowded market, making your home as attractive as possible will help to catch a buyer’s eye, but there is one easy way to generate attention: lower your asking price. If your home is more affordable than that of your rivals, particularly during tough economic times, the opportunity to snap up a bargain is hard to resist. However, with demand high, you are still in a strong position to fetch the best price possible for your property: at the very least, be prepared to negotiate with your buyers.

What can I do to tidy my garden in autumn?

Put any toys away Remove rotten fruit Empty the bins Mow the grass Remove weeds Sweep leaves from the patio

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