Go big to sell that home: 4 innovative marketing tools realtors need in 2017


Selling a home is unlike any other sale a person will ever make. It’s not like you can hop on eBay, throw up a few pictures, and sell your house to the highest bidder. Selling a home is a complex process, and people depend on knowledgeable professionals, aka realtors, to help them out.

The need for such experts, of course, means that realty can be a competitive business. People aren’t going to list their home with someone they don’t trust. No, they want someone who’s going to do the best possible job so they can get the most possible value. That’s why it’s important for realtors to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack – but how? Let’s take a look at 4 innovate tools that realtors can use to market themselves and their business, and set themselves up for success.

1. 3D Models

If you only remember one thing from this list, make it this: 3D models are the future of realty. These are virtual models of a house or building created with tools like a 3D camera, meant to showcase a house’s design in a way that makes you feel like you’re actually there. 3D models aren’t new, exactly – we’ve probably all seen examples at some point or another. But only recently have such models become truly accessible, as the tools and software to create them are continually improving.

Some realtors consider 3D models to be something of a double-edged sword. For example, some buyers may give more of a fair chance to houses that they see in person, especially if a realtor is there to point out all the best features. When viewing a 3D model online, houses can be a lot easier to dismiss. Additionally, some realtors may worry about how they’ll fit into the equation if 3D models become the norm – will they still have a role to play? (Of course).

Despite these concerns, there’s a lot to like about 3D models. For one, they can help filter out non-serious buyers, giving agents more time to spend with the serious ones. And, importantly, 3D models are a great way to gain a competitive edge.

2. Social Media

This one may seem obvious, but it’s important to maintain a strong presence on social media. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor, YouTube, LinkedIn, or whatever your platform of choice, being active on social networks gives clients confidence that you’re on top of the ball. Plus, it’s a great place to promote your brand. The more you use social media, the bigger your online presence, and the more clients you can connect with. It’s a #NoBrainer.

3. Smart Home Staging


Smart homes – that is, homes equipped with connected technology that you can control with your smartphone – are on the rise, and homeowners are taking note.  In fact, 54 percent of sellers said they would update (“smart stage”) their home in order to sell it faster. There’s a lot of ways to smartify a house: install smart security systems, smart thermostats, smart lighting, smart speakers, or any other smart products—whatever you do, it’s a pretty easy way to boost the value of a home and boost your reputation as an agent.

4. Software Tools

Finally, you can’t set yourself apart as a realtor if you’re not taking full advantage of the software tools available to help you out. For example, do you need to whip up some marketing material? Quickly create captivating video montages with Quik, or make great-looking designs with something like Adobe Spark. Or, if you’re looking to gain insights into how effective your marketing is, use a tool like Bitly to see what works and what doesn’t.

And don’t forget about an everyday task manager, to keep you organized and on your game. Use tools like Remember The Milk, Omnifocus, or Todoist to manage your priorities and help you schedule your day. Lastly, try using a program like Hootsuite to manage your social media accounts and keep up your online brand.

By taking advantage of the incredible tools available – like social media, smart home devices, productivity software, and, above all else, 3D cameras – you can go a long way towards marketing your realty business and setting yourself apart.

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