East Belfast Estate Agent’s Guide To Selling Your Properties Overseas



If you have one property that you are selling, or perhaps a portfolio of products that you would like to sell right away, you might want to go outside of your local area. Sometimes the buyers in your community may not be able to afford the properties that you are selling, or they may simply not be interested in the type of properties that you have. If you were able to market your properties overseas, you would have a better chance of obtaining exceptional deals on them and selling them much more quickly. Having access to an international audience is one of the best strategies that estate agents used to sell properties at a rapid pace. Here is an online estate agents guide to selling properties overseas.

How Will They Do The Marketing?

The first thing that you will need to inquire about when speaking with one of these estate agent is how they will begin the marketing process. Obviously, they are not simply going to place these on the MLS listings. They are going to market them directly to potential buyers. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use PPC traffic on websites like Google or Facebook where interested people will be lurking. They may see your advertisement as they are looking for properties that are in your immediate area. That will then lead them to a website where they can get more information about the property or properties that you are selling.

Start Looking For A Lead Generation Company

Purchasing leads is really one of the best ways to get direct access to people that are interested in purchasing any type of item. These leads are often collected by companies that are selling products, and as the customer is going to the checkout process, they are going to provide their personal contact information. In some cases, this information can be sold to lead companies. They will then package the leads and sell them to people that need them. Of course, the people providing the information will know that they will also receive additional offers. By doing this, you will be able to get direct access to individuals that might be looking for properties in your immediate area.

Contact Overseas Estate Agents

Another possibility is that you can start making phone calls, or sending emails, to estate agents that are located in different countries worldwide. Even if you do not speak the language, you will be able to have your request translated. They can then decide to work with you or not. For example, these estate agents might specifically find properties for people in their country that are interested in potentially moving to yours. If that is the case, these estate agents will be able to connect you with potential buyers that are specifically looking for properties that are in your city or town.

How To Make Your Properties More Appealing

When you have all of this traffic coming to a website representing your properties, you need to make them as appealing as possible. This will involve providing multiple photos of your property, information about the immediate area, and videos that may provide them with a walk-through. The more information that you can provide potential buyers with, the higher the probability that they may be interested in investing in your home. If you have multiple homes, you might be lucky enough to find an investor in a different country that is thinking about expanding into your area.

How To Expedite The Process Of Selling Your Home’s Overseas

One final strategy that you can use is to create one specific website that will showcase all of the properties that you are selling. If you only have one property, you should get a domain name that is representative of where you are located and the fact that you are selling a home there. If this is for multiple properties, it might be entitled the the name of place where the homes are located, and will have categories which will represent each property that is being sold. By organizing the data properly, this will allow people to go through your entire website, potentially finding a home that they would like to purchase.

By contacting overseas estate agents directly, this is a great way to potentially sell your home to people that are overseas. You can do PPC ad campaigns, SEO marketing, or you may want to use the local classifieds that are in these countries. When you are able to sell these properties quickly, it will only be because you have done your due diligence and research. You will have crafted the perfect advertisement, and created a website showing potential buyers the property or properties you are selling. If you can, find a lead generation company that can provide you with contact information so that you can speak with potential buyers directly. All of the strategies are going to help you sell properties overseas.

The above article was written by Rodgers & Finney Estate Agents

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