9 Easy Tips To Sell Your Home That You Probably Hadn’t Thought Of


The decision to list your home for sale means you want to sell it right away. The real estate market in every neighborhood changes on a daily basis, which means the value could increase or decrease in just a few days. The longer a home sits on the market, the less valuable it becomes. Potential buyers might notice the house as they continue to look in the area, perhaps waiting on their own home to sell so they may begin shopping. If your home sits on the market for months at a time, buyers begin to wonder what’s wrong with it to make it sit for so long. Homeowners don’t want that. You want to know how to sell your house immediately, and for the biggest possible profit. 

Hire A Professional Photographer 

Don’t rely on your realtor to take appropriate photos of your home to use in your listing. If you take a few moments to peruse real estate apps and websites, you’ll see many of the homes listed are accompanied by poor-quality photos. Low quality photos don’t show your home at its best, which means buyers might not see what it has to offer. Bad lighting, poor angles, and blurry photos might turn a buyer off so much they exit your home’s photos and move on. A professional photographer knows how to stage a home to look larger, brighter, and more beautiful. Put your best foot forward with your photos so buyers are drawn to make an appointment to see your home in person. 

Market Unique Features 

Find what makes your home unique, and market that to the best of your ability. If your home overlooks a small pone with a spectacular view of the sunset each night, take photos of the sunset at its most beautiful to show with your listing, talk about the sunset, and promote the water view. If your home has a large wooden multilevel deck where other homes have simple concrete pads with columns, talk it up. Show it off with photos of a fire pit, a cozy conversation area, and even a bar to make it seem more inviting. Whatever your house has that others don’t, talk about it and play it up. 

Show Off the Seasons 


There’s one thing homeowners forget when they sell a home, and that’s the seasons. If you’re selling your Minnesota home in the middle of January, it’s covered in snow. Be sure to hang photos of your house and back yard in the summer where potential buyers can see the lush green yard and beautiful landscaping. The same goes if you’re selling your country-style home with dormers and a big wraparound porch in the middle of summer. Be sure to frame a photo of the house decorated for the holidays to allow buyers to see how lovely it is during the most wonderful time of year.

Add Small, Inventive Changes 

You know to add new faucets, fixtures, and other upgrades to make your home seem more upscale and luxurious, but what about unexpected changes? A home with a smart thermostat might intrigue younger buyers. A house with outlets that contain both traditional plug-ins as well as USB ports is something tech-savvy buyers will love. It’s the little things that other homes don’t feature that buyers love the most. 

Add Light 

Buyers want bright, open, well-lit homes. Turn on the lights before a showing, open the blinds, and say farewell to curtains. Make your home appear as well-lit as possible to make buyers see the full potential when they walk through the door. It also helps to add simple changes to the home such as painting walls a light, neutral color, and lighting candles in spaces that are meant to appear more ambient. 

Stage Your Home 


Just because you de-cluttered and painted the walls a neutral color doesn’t mean your home is staged. Take it from the professionals, and do it the right way. Get rid of your big furniture to make rooms appear larger. Replace your favorite colored towels with fluffy white ones that appear spa-like. Forgo your favorite décor for more neutral décor, such as plain white candles and neutral wall art rather than family photos. Staging your home to look like a model is what makes buyers feel more at home. 

Make Small but Important Fixes

If you want to sell quickly, fix anything that’s broken. A dripping faucet is a nuisance that needs to be fixed. Weather stripping that’s old and tearing is a problem. Caulk around showers and tubs that’s old and discolored must go. Small issues around the home seem much bigger to buyers than you imagine. They walk into homes thinking if the homeowners can’t be bothered to spend 10 minutes re-caulking the old bathroom caulk, they probably don’t keep up with more serious, expensive repairs. When you take on small fixes, be sure you have the correct tools, you do it correctly, and you ask for help from someone who knows what they’re doing if you become lost. 

Promote Your Own Home 

Your real estate agent is responsible for getting your home online on MLS and promoting it, but it’s imperative to remember you’re not her only client. She can’t spend all her time only promoting your home, so you have to do some of that yourself. Put it on social media, share it online, and show it off anywhere you can to attract potential buyers.

Host an Open House 

Many homeowners are inconvenienced by open houses, but it’s a great way to get buyers in the door. Photos don’t always show off a home the way it needs to be shown off to sell, and some people forgo seeing a home that’s inconvenient for them. If your home is open and they’re able to walk right in anytime they want while they’re out looking at homes, they’re more inclined to come into the home and check it out. 

If you want to sell quickly, be sure your home always smells welcome. Be sure it’s always clean, there are no dishes in the sink or visible laundry, and be sure each space in the house is being used for the correct purpose. You may even want to stock your wine fridge with wine. You might love a craft room instead of a formal dining room, but buyers want to see the house as its meant to be. 

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