3 Key Tips To Make Your Real Estate Listing More Saleable


Selling a real estate property can pose a significant challenge especially if the right strategies are not applied. To make a sale, the real estate agent should ensure the property is appealing to the eyes of potential customers because a simple mistake could turn them off. At the same time, you would not want the homeowner to keep calling asking why you have not sold their property. Worse still, they could cancel the listing meaning you won’t earn any commission. Before making a purchase, it is likely that the buyers would want to make a site visit. As the seller, you hope that of the people who visit the property, you will close a deal. Well, here are 3 key tips to make your real estate listing more saleable.

1.  Pest control

One thing that is likely to discourage customers from buying your home is the presence of pests. House flies are insects that depict that the home is dirty. Ensure that all house flies are sprayed out and also do away with anything that would attract them. A real estate that has a garden is likely to be infested by whiteflies. Whiteflies wilt plants and make them unattractive. Of course, you want your garden to be well maintained and with beautiful flowers and vegetables before the potential buyers visit. As such, it is necessary that you invest in whitefly control either chemically or through organic means. Plants that are infested should be either uprooted and burnt or sprayed with active chemicals. Alternatively, if only a few leaves are infested, you may consider plucking them and disposing to avoid re-infestation.

2. Ensure neutrality

You should give the property neutral colors and furniture to prevent personalizing. Some people prefer to visualize what they would want to have inside the house and also on the colors. Put a fresh coat of paint that makes the home bright and neutral. Even as you maintain neutrality, always give some touch of personalization for the sake of clients who may have no ideas on what to put and where. To add some vibrancy to the house, put some beautiful curtains and hang clean towels in the bathrooms.

3. Declutter

A home filled with junk, bulky furniture and misplaced items always seem small. You want to make the rooms spacious to be attractive to potential purchasers. As such, use furniture that is clean and also use them sparingly to leave plenty of space. Consider having spacious wardrobes. Kitchens should be spacious with cabinets and area for appliances because most buyers will decline a real estate with a small kitchen. After removing all clutter, make a point of cleaning all the rooms and dusting walls, doors and window panes. Then you can be sure the house will smell good since there are no specks of dust and dirt.


A real estate property can be challenging to sell. You should ensure the property is appealing to customers by controlling pests such as houseflies and whiteflies. Whitefly control is especially necessary for properties that have flower or vegetable gardens. Most importantly, clean the house thoroughly making sure to dust the walls, windows, and doors. The house should be cleared of any junk to leave more space. The walls should be painted with neutral colors to allow buyers the freedom to imagine what they would want in the house.

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