Your 2022 Checklist for Vacation Home Sales




If you’re searching for a perfect home to spend your vacations at, you will need to know exactly what to look for and how. Waste no more time wondering, and read our guide. It has the best tips put together for your perusal. 

Print booklets for your Holiday Home

Nothing shouts you’re on vacation more than the sight of print booklets on your holiday home’s coffee table. Have a peek at designs for inspiration brochure and booklet printing.

Knowing the style you’d like helps narrow down what can otherwise turn into a long and painful search. Looking for any form of leisure should never hurt. Hence we have made a checklist for all your vacation home sale needs and trends.

Let’s break the checklist down into two international sections. People who want to buy a vacation home, and people who are selling. Each side is loaded with its list of things to be aware of when in the property market.

Vacation Home to Buy

First, where exactly do you want to be? With over 40 countries to consider, you must be sure of the type of environment you see yourself in. Is it in the hot and humid east of Asia? Or the tropical forests of Africa?

Some people prefer cool and shady places in parts of Europe. It’s all about boiling it down to your perfect location. The area and climate determine the mood of the area you will be staying over in as well. Do you want peace and calm surroundings, or pumped with energy and tons of fun and adventure?

The tone of your surroundings adds to where you’ll choose your vacay stay. One of the other things you’ll need to consider is the size of your holiday abode. Here is a list of 20 things to consider when picking the home that speaks to your heart, and mind.

Things to cross off your vacation home search 

Should you find the place furnished or would you prefer doing your deco? Make sure to check the following before checking in a self-catering cottage inventory list 

 * Equipped kitchen with appliances
 * Functional plumbing
 * Good quality (matching) linen and furniture in the bedrooms
 * Room for suitcases
 * Extra linen and pillows
 * Washing basket(s)
 * Coat-hangers
 * First-aid kit
 * Cooling/heating systems
 * Cleaning products
 * Entertainment appliances
 * Bins

Some of the above may seem obvious. You will find it a surprise how much can slip past people at times. Be it due to negligence or pure mistakes.

If you’d rather have full reign over the design of your new home, look out for this vacation rental inventory checklist

 * Cracks on the walls/ceiling
 * Neighbor’s proximity to your potential home
 * Electrical sockets and ports are well situated 
 * Functional fireplace and chimney
 * Ample storage space
 * Proper plumbing
 * Good flooring
 * All windows and doors are in perfect condition
 * Water heating system
 * Garden condition

When it comes to open and empty spaces, take your time in viewing them. Go back several times for good measure. You need to be sure and confident about your new space. Without any unwarranted surprises popping up.

Holiday Home to Sell

Finding clients to buy your property can be challenging post-Covid. With many people set back, selling a holiday home may be particularly more difficult. 

People saw themselves at the back-foot of the virus. Many got creative and found themselves in much better places because of it. So there is still plenty of room for holiday home sales instead of the destruction caused by the virus.

If it’s all too strenuous for you, hire an agency property network. If selling your property is something you have full control over, check out the next list of what to look out for.

Top Tips for Selling Your Holiday Home

Creative times are upon us all since the pandemic hit the world. This era teaches us that with the right attitude, we can change things for the better. Coronavirus or not, timing your sale is of paramount importance: tips for selling your holiday home 

Here is what else you need to explore to make sure you sell that home, and happily so. 

 * Allow viewings during the off-season, your potential buyer might appreciate the privacy
 * Liaise with a letting agency. They are professionals trained to understand the ins and outs of property contracts
 * Give your buyers, and yourself, enough time to go over contracts
 * Create a property pack that includes all your property specs

When constructing your property pack, include all the relevant questions. This is to establish that the potential buyer has the right capacity to take over your property. You need to determine their income and plans on the property once it’s theirs. 

As the seller, you’ll also need to be aware of the following:

 * Tax reliefs and their laws if there are any for you
 * Your property must be up and ready. Looks are everything in this industry, no one wants to buy an ugly building
 * Transparency on your insurance. It will put your buyers at ease if you haven’t had to claim for any damages. If you have, its best that they are aware and can make informed decisions

Agencies help to expand your market agent pricing. You can cancel anytime you feel the need or want to. Another fact about agencies is that they allow you to market many listings at a time.

Different Kinds of Holiday Homes 

Holiday homes come in different types. From BnBs to seasonal cabins, here is a list of some of the holiday homes out there and five checklists for each type. It will spark inspiration in you in case you’re sitting on a gem and didn’t even know it, whether you’re buying or selling.

Bed and Breakfasts

As an owner, you will have to wake up extra early to ensure that everything is on par with your guests. You also need to keep abreast of your inboxes in case guests have any updates about their stay. Guests will need to have proper manners and etiquette:

 * Respect the house rules and schedules
 * Communicate special requests in due time
 * Adhere to the check-in and check-out times
 * Be friendly and polite to your host/Innkeeper
 * Some appreciate a good tip, you may use your discretion here


Resorts tend to host an array of top-tier amenities. It’s always about activities. For uninterrupted good times, be sure to have the following sorted for your stay all-inclusive vacation packing list:

 * Swimwear 
 * Sun protection (sunscreen and accessories)
 * A change of clothes appropriate for different times of the day
 * Pool Floats 
 * Waterproof camera 


Villas, Condominiums, and rental cottage timeshare are typically used for this category. In general, people who use the spaces for holidays agree to occupy them at certain times of the year. They can rent them part-time, or have full ownership and only visit the premises from time to time. During their stay, the onus is on them to ensure property maintenance and safety.

Timeshare Holiday Checklist

 * Have all your paperwork with you in case you need to prove anything to the law for whatever reason
 * First Aid Kit
 * Proper quality linen, appliances, furniture, and kitchenware 
 * Stocked on food items
 * Entertainment

House Sitting

The one type that allows you to vacay for free, if you’re the one on holiday is. Unfortunately, nothing is ever for free home owners checklist. This usually comes with a condition or a few. Such as taking care of the house and pets.

Hospitality Exchange

Companies organize this type of set-up with a community. They arrange for the traveler to stay for free, or at discounted prices. Here’s what you need for this type of hospitality exchange situation:

 * Bring your manners, it’s the least you can do when staying at a place for free
 * Be honest. You’re already in their personal space. Call it-a fair exchange
 * Find out a few facts about your guests to help lubricate conversations
 * Be assertive, don’t give in to bullies
 * Be kind, it goes a long way

Cottages or Villas

These are like Guesthouses because they leave guests with entire homes to themselves. Yet different in location. Cottages and Villas are often placed in remote areas, away from the city hum-drum. Check that the following are available and in top condition:

 * Furniture
 * Appliances
 * Equipment
 * Utensils
 * Linen

House Sitting Checklist

 * An agreement between the owner and the vacationer met
 * A list of chores/responsibilities drawn out
 * There should be a household inventory list
 * Alert the neighbors of the change of dwellers
 * Arrange the home for your guest

All property comes with perks and downfalls on some level or other. That’s why agencies are here. To help you navigate vacation home sales visit owner pricing. They are here to make your journey smoother and have all sorts of marketing tricks up their sleeves.

Author Bio:
Li-Anne Mcgregor van Aardt is a wordsmith who has written everything from editorials, blogs, and press releases, to poetry and rap songs, to a South African travel book, which she magically knocked out in 24 hours. Painting the world with her words is something Li-Anne has been doing for the past 16-plus years. Expect deep hues and careening colors of various vibrancy when traipsing her cascade of words.

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