How to Make Sure Your Home Sells Fast


So you want a quick sell?

After the first unsuccessful open house, you may feel hopeless and powerless. But there’s a lot you can do to increase your chances of getting a buyer fast.

All it takes is showing potential buyers what they’re missing out on. A few adjustments on your side will make people beg for the keys to your home.

Invest in Cleaning

No one wants to buy a place that requires work. The thought of cleaning a new home can put someone off instantly.

That’s why your home must be spotless. Let them see they can simply move in and enjoy the space.

What do Visitors See?

On the surface, your home must be clean. Yes, this is a given. You probably spent hours cleaning your home before showing it to anyone.

But did you clean in places home buyers tend to look:

     Behind bookcases

     Under washbasins

     Inside cupboards

People who are serious about buying a house will do thorough checks. Make sure you clean properly. Hiring professionals may be a worthwhile investment.

What do Visitors Smell?

You’re used to how your home smells. But what odors do your food, pets, family members, and garden create?

Ask an objective opinion from a friend and then rid your home of all & any unfortunate smells. Something that you love may be offensive to a buyer. What if someone is allergic to the flowers you put on display?

Play it safe and light a scented candle or make coffee with a rich aroma. These will dispel the remainder of odors while the buyers visit.

You must make your home inviting to all types of buyers.

Invest in Paint

One way of ridding your home of odors is with paint. Renovate the entire house or simply areas that look unkempt.

This immediately adds value to the house too so you may get your asking price. Simply air out your home properly so all paint odors are gone.

Invest in Decor

Potential buyers may not like your personal decorating style. Unfortunately, people are strongly influenced by visual impulses. They may not take the time to imagine their own furniture there.

But no, you don’t have to upgrade your home to the latest trends. Your best approach is to stay neutral.

If you have unique tastes and use color excessively, simply tone it down.

Put some of your most unusual décor pieces away. Now add décor from NW Rugs, such as plain pillows, beige rugs, and understated lighting. These won’t be overpowering so visitors can imagine their personal items in the room too.

Take Care of Your Garden


First impressions last. What does your garden say about your home?

Potential buyers will start rating your home the moment they arrive on the premises; not when they walk through the front door. A messy garden, random clutter or blistering paintwork on exterior walls can communicate the property isn’t looked after well.

You must put in as much effort outside as inside.

Which area do you need to work on the most? Here’s an easy tip. Imagine what you would look for if it’s you purchasing a new house. Or ask a friend for opinions if you can’t be objective. The extra effort will help you get a signature on a contract fast.

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