A Rundown on The Benefits of Commission Advancing & How it Works


A commission advance is a financial service in which you sell a portion of your pending commission for a price. Before closing, funds are given to you in exchange. It’s not a loan; it’s simply access to the money you’ve earned without the wait.

Key Points:

Preapproval is given to the seller before closing (or after the usual)
A commission advance is not a loan and has no interest attached to it
It’s typically used to connect the dots between deals
The cost of a commission advance varies considerably, depending on the policy of the firm

How Does It Work?
A commission advance is a financial service in which you sell a portion of your pending commission for a fee. Before closing, funds are provided to you in exchange. It’s not a loan; it’s just access to the money you’ve earned without the delay. You may receive your earnings whenever you choose as well, depending on your commission advancement agency.

For example, if you’re closing a deal on a home and you won’t be receiving the commission for a while – you might look into getting an advance on this commission so you’re not waiting for a closing or settlement date. This is prominent in the real estate space where agents can usually wait up to a few weeks for a commission. For more information on the process behind commission advances, learn from Australia’s leading provider.

Commission Advances vs. Loans
A commission advance is not a loan, and there is no interest charged. Your client will have the full amount of the commission deducted from their settlement statement just as if you had closed with them at that time, and after that point, you will receive half of whatever portion of the commission is still owed to you a few days afterwards.

Commission Advances are not loans! There are no interest charges linked to this service, and you don’t make payments till your brokerage delivers the services.

Using A Commission Advance
The amount of money you use from your commission advance is entirely up to you. Can you enter that house without going over budget? Is your property already under contract with someone else? Do you have the cash available to payout? Will your clients understand why they must wait an extra month for their closing funds? When deciding whether to accept a commission advance, consider these factors. You might find it most useful when working on a transaction that needs preapproval or during the closing of an agreement between open houses. It’s not unusual for individuals to use their savings as an earnest deposit.

Advantages of a Commission Advance:

Fast & Convenient

If you’re deemed eligible, you’ll get an advance on your commission as a result of the offer. You’ll receive the commission advance agreement via DocuSign (or by you if you’re your own broker) that you and your broker will sign (or by you if you’re your own broker). You will be funded within hours via wire and not ACH. You may expect to be funded the same day if you hire a reputable commission advance business. You should anticipate simple paperwork, no credit checks, and most importantly, no enormous pile of loan papers to sign.

Some commission advancement companies are even able to turn your commissions into cash within 60 minutes, even going straight into your bank account.

Simple & Efficient

Commission advancements aren’t loans. So there are no long-term contracts, and in most cases, your commission advancement firm should have an office that you can come visit in person.

Most firms also use automated systems as well, with online portals and accounts being utilised by some of the best in the industry.

Paying It Back

Technically, if you’re funded, everything is taken care of for you. When the escrow or settlement firm closes, the advance is immediately reimbursed. The total cost is equal to the advance plus the fee. That means you don’t have to pay anything upfront. You get the much-needed financial stability to expand your business and flourish.

Getting a commission advancement can be an enormous help to those who need money quickly and don’t have the time to wait for their commissions. They’re a great way to improve cash flow or keep your financials consistent, especially with the ebbs and flows of the real estate industry.

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