8 Pro Tips For Staging Your Home For Sale




Selling your house would never be easy unless you know someone who’s intensely interested in purchasing your home. However, if you’ve already put your property on the market and you’re still trying to catch the fancy of potential buyers, staging your home would be a great idea 

House staging is a process wherein you’ll dress up your home and allow it to look homey in order to entice potential buyers. This will help your homebuyers see your home’s full potential and allow themselves to imagine living in it. As you visit neilsonpartners.com.au or other real estate agent websites, you’ll notice how beautiful they stage every property and almost guarantee a home sale.

To keep you in the loop, listed below are some pro tips for staging your home for a sale. 

1. Declutter

When staging your home, one of the first things you should do is declutter. Since you’re moving into a new household, take this moment to throw out everything you don’t need. This will help clean up and brighten the rooms, while getting rid of any clutter that home buyers don’t want to see. This will also help make your packing a lot easier as you won’t have to deal with any unnecessary item anymore. 

2. De-personalize

Yes, it’s understandable that your home has been with you for years, and you’ve already made fond memories with it. However, potential homebuyers have no interest in that. Unless your personal items are decorative and match the overall theme of the house, it’s ideal for you to hide them, allowing potential buyers to easily imagine themselves living in the property. 

3. Use Neutral Colors 

Not everyone enjoys coming inside a home with bright walls or furniture. Most homebuyers would prefer to purchase a house that uses neutral colors so they can easily personalize it themselves. While it might be tempting to play with various colors, most real estate agents would recommend using neutral colors to accommodate the majority of homebuyers’ tastes. You can play with white, brown, black, and gray, and add soft hues of blue or green to give some tone.  

4. Freshen It Up

A home that feels airy and fresh would always help attract as many homebuyers as possible. As a part of the décor, surrounding the room with nature would surely be a great idea. There are plenty of indoor plants that you can choose to add to your house. You can have a plant or two on your coffee table, display some in room corners, or even have plants hanging in your bathroom. These are easy ways to make your home feel homey and fresh.  

5. Refinish Walls And Floors

While it’s more of a renovation than a staging process, refinishing your walls and floors would help improve the room’s appearance. No one would be interested in purchasing a home with cracked walls and stained flooring. With that, refinishing such areas would surely be ideal. Preferably, you should paint the walls in a neutral shade and consider replacing your floors with hardwood floors, for instance. Such projects won’t cost you much, but these can surely bolster your home’s overall appeal.

6. Maximize Natural Light 

If your house gets plenty of natural light during the day, emphasizing its beauty would surely benefit your house’s staging process. Many families prefer to purchase a home with plenty of natural light. Some even look for skylights to get as much sunlight during the day. To help the light highlight your house, you should open your curtains and allow every ray of the sun to brighten up the rooms.

7. Balance Out The Decorations 

When it comes to home staging, it might be tempting to use as much decoration as possible. It’s important to remember that, sometimes, less is more. For your shelves, a maximum of three decorations should work as fine. You can add a carpet, use an artistic sofa chair, or replace your lighting fixtures with something more modern and creative. Replacing what already exists would be better than adding new things inside the room.  

8. Make It Homey 

Making the house feel comfortable and homey should be on top of your list. You can start by placing hand towels by the sink, rolling towels on the rack, and hanging some bathrobes by the door. You can even set the table for a lovely dinner and dress up the master bedroom with a good comforter that screams softness. Those small details can help homebuyers imagine what it’ll feel like living inside your home and easily decide if they should move forward with your property.  


Staging your home for a house sale can be tricky, especially if decluttering is already difficult for you. But, with the help of the tips mentioned above, your home will look family-ready and attract as many homebuyers as possible in no time.

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