Things You Need to Know Before Building a Granny Flat


An extra room within the residential property is always a welcome addition. As a secondary dwelling, granny flats usually come complete with almost all the facilities found in the primary dwelling. Whether detached, attached or part conversation of the main dwellings, they usually come complete with a living area, kitchen and bathroom. Some of them especially those completely detached from the primary dwellings also have their own entrances. Like any primary dwellings, the flats are renowned for their varied designs. Their relatively small size and cost of construction means that they can be customized to meet the taste and preferences of the owner of the parcel of the land.

Why a Granny Hut?

The secondary dwellings are increasingly becoming popular additions to many parcels of land not only Australia but globally. One of the leading causes of this growing popularity is the surge in property prices. These extra additions to properties increase property values. They provide an alternative way to increase the return on investment on your property significantly. The low capital associated with their addition to any property makes them shrewd investment option. This ensures that they leverage the value of the primary property. It can be rented out to ring alternative income for the homeowner. In addition, granny flats for sale Perth offer alternative affordable living arrangement especially for large-sized families or small families seeking for a small comfy living space.

If you are looking for an extra space for your nanny, granny, kids or relative, perhaps all you need is a secondary dwelling on your parcel of land. If rented to relatives, homeowners are exempted from paying taxes on their establishment. For men seeking for the legendary yet sometimes elusive man cave, perhaps the solution lies within your backyard. The beauty of it all is that it can come fully equipped with all the benefits of the main house. And for those worried about the cost of renovating that old garage into a man cave, rest easy for the cost of building your man cave is might just be as cheap as the cost of that renovation.

Considering Building Granny Flats?

 If the thought of a fully functional man cave, alternative dwelling or a shrewd investment interests you, there are factors to consider before setting up that granny flat. One of the factors to consider before setting up granny flats Perth is the council or local authority regulations. Before setting up any granny flat, it is imperative that you consult with the local authorities especially their environment and planning department. The authorities should approve your development plan in order to avoid legal issues.

In addition, the purpose for building the flat should also be considered. This determines factors such as layout of the structure and the distance from the primary dwelling. If you intend to rent out the additional space, there ought to be some distance from the main dwelling to ensure that the tenants in your parcel of land are comfortable and enjoy their privacy. Long term secondary dwellings should be built using long lasting materials while if the purpose is to accommodate children, it should be built closer to the main dwelling. Additionally, consider the cost of building the dwelling.

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